Saturday, November 29, 2008

Blogs Aplenty!

Wow, yet another blog has been formed. Alix decided the time was right to form a blog, and proceeded to do so. It is, like everyone else's, way better than mine. I'm not too concerned about this, because I'm just glad to have created a wave. Since the formation of my blog, at least three others have been formed because of it. I know not too many people read Boyd's World, but apparently those who do are so inspired they create their own. It's a domino effect, too. They'll tell their exclusive friends, who will read them, possibly form their own blogs, tell people about it, etc, etc. They will also all read about Boyd's World on their friend's blog, check it out, be interested, and start to follow it. Soon it will be the blog with the most followers, because it's the top of the pyramid.

Yes, that's right. I openly admit that I formed a pyramid scam. But is it really that horrible? It has given three people reason to write everyday already, and perhaps someday more. Is causing other people to write more in this world where no one really needs to such a bad thing? It's like the pass it forward concept, except I probably won't get stabbed. I mean, I hope not.

And, Blogger must be pretty happy as well. I've gotten three new people to use the site, and I plan on getting more. I mean, everyone wins! Well, except for the last person. I'm going to get going now, because I don't want to make this post too rambling. Bye!