Saturday, March 26, 2011

Wipeout! And, Free Songs!

Hey everyone! The musical is over at school; thank goodness! Actually, it was last weekend.

It went shockingly well, considering how the dress rehearsal the night before the premier went. The best part was a dance scene in which three of the funniest guys in drama sang a very innuendo-filled song about "Luau Love." Right before the song, they hid behind a curtain and changed into coconut bras, grass skirts, and those T-shirts that look like bikinis. Actually, here's a picture:

Anyway, while they were changing, they came up with some incredibly funny improv-ed lines. I was pretty impressed with their ability to think so quickly, because there's no way I'd be able to be that fast on my feet while onstage.

I had two personal moments of pride during the play. The first one I'll mention came on the second night, when I decided I wanted my own chance at some sort of unexpected joke in the play. You might think to yourself, "But Drew, you were playing bass in the pit band! How could you possibly get a joke in the play?" Towards the end of the second act, there was a scene where the comic book nerd (the guy on the left in that picture, by the way) got the girl he'd been pursuing for the whole play. It was a pretty funny scene, and I decided to spice it up by doing a slide on my bass that sounded like "Woow-woooooow." you know what I mean, right? I hope so...

My second moment of pride was my own little moment of rebellion, along with Stephen (who played piano in the pit band), and a dude named Scott (who was playing guitar). Our absentee band director had made all of us incredibly mad by showing up at the last minute and acting like she deserved to be in charge, usurping power from Steve, who had put in enough hours of work to be the undisputed leader of the band. Her most annoying last-minute change was telling us to wear concert uniforms to the play; you know, the stupid-looking get-ups with vests that we have to wear to band competitions. Keep in mind, this was a musical comedy about surfers. If we were there in button-up shirts, with floor-length velvet dresses on the ladies, it would look really stupid.

So, we decided to not wear them. It had been warm all week, so we all showed up in shorts and Hawaiian shirts. Boy, was she pissed. It was actually kind of scary, but in a good way. It might seem like what we did was out of line, but trust me when I say we were not in the wrong. I can't stand my band teacher, and it was so nice to disobey her and show our displeasure.


On a completely different note, both of the tracks we recorded with Stephen are now on Crush Of Society's Facebook page. Like them? If you do, you're in luck, because they're both available as a FREE DOWNLOAD, right here!!!

Okay. Maybe you didn't catch that the first time; perhaps you didn't hear me correctly.

Seriously, click it. Please.

You could be my biggest hero, and all you need to do is make sure these songs get heard. Download them, distribute them, play them at parties...I don't care how. Thanks!

Anyway, I should probably stop there, to avoid seeming too insanely desperate. Too late? Darn. Have a good one!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

In The Studio (Formerly Known As My Basement)

You know how I keep mentioning Stephen coming and recording Crush Of Society an EP? It finally happened yesterday! Well, the recording part. We only got 2 songs done, in 6 1/2 hours. But hey, it's a start! The one I've heard so far is absolutely amazing sounding - check it out! The ones we got done were "Gotta Get Out" and "I Don't Know."

Actually, I haven't heard the latter yet. It was the first one we did that day, and Steve was still working out the kinks in his new mixing board - purchased the day before, I might add! I played guitar, bass, and vocals on "I Don't Know," and bass on "Gotta Get Out."

It was kind of shocking how long the recording process takes. Each instrument had to be recorded separately, meaning we had to re-configure the microphones and amplifiers and whatnot for each song. Also, there was A LOT of down-time. Whenever someone else was doing their instrument's part, there wasn't much to do other than help set up the mics and sit around. Once we got all the tracks for "I Don't Know" recorded, Bobby and I just sat around and played table-top hockey while Stephen mixed parts of the song that had to be done right away. We would have played pool, but Steve commandeered the entire pool table, plus a large card table, with equipment and cables.

Ohh, the cables. The floor was covered in them!! Six 1/4 inch instrument cables, three XLR cables, and countless power cords for computers, amps, and pedals. PLUS, we had 5 different amps laying around, each in use. Two monitors (to play back what he'd recorded), an amp to run headphones through for the person playing at the time, and a guitar and bass amp. PLUS, two microphones and another thingy that looked and acted just like a mic, but apparently wasn't.

All in all, it was incredibly sweet. I can't wait to get more tracks recorded, and posted. Also, I intend to make these tracks downloadable, for all of you. They'll probably be free, so the music has a better chance of being distributed. It's getting exciting!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Drew Morgan - Bass Doctor

[Insert huge sigh of relief]

Well, I'm finally to the point where I'm not freaking out about activities any more. Mock trials is over, band has happened, and Math Field Day was last Friday. No, nothing was won. I did have a good time though! Now all that's left is drama club and the pit band. That's all easy, and not at all a worry of mine. Plus, the play is next weekend!

Does anyone recall the hollowbody bass I rescued from an antique shop a few months back? Did I even post about it? Either way, I got a bass guitar that was in serious trouble. The neck of the instrument was so bent out of shape that it was unplayable, the strings were rusted and nasty, and the string-mute foam was rotting away. To top it all off, the poor thing was coated in old cigarette smoke.

Well, your hero saved it. I tore the whole thing apart, and used my experience in woodworking (read: my grandfather's experience) to set the neck straight. I also gave it a good, well-deserved cleaning, and was immaculate. Finally, I bought it some top-of-the-line flatwound strings, to give it that 50's feel. I haven't put foam in it yet, but that's only because I haven't gotten the initiative to find the hunk of foam I used to use in my other bass.

Now, I can use it for pit band! Which is pretty sweet, considering the play we're doing is an early-60's surf thing.

Anyway...I have a humorous post coming soon; you'll just have to be patient!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Activities And Clubs has been exhausting lately. Between Quiz Bowl, mock trials, concert band, math team, and drama club's pit band, there's been very little down time. Fortunately, I finished concert band last Friday, and mock trials the day after.

Concert band actually went surprisingly well, considering recent conflicts I've had with my band director. *Fortunately,* rumor is that she is looking around to other school districts for a new job. Yeah, that's not something I should spread around; I really don't care when it comes to her though.

ANYWAY, we did extremely well. We got a rating of 2 on our rehearsed performances, and a 1 on our sight-reading tests. That's on a scale with 1 being best and 4 being worst. I like to think a tiny fraction of our good points came from the fact we had a double bass in the band, but that could just be self-importance.

Mock trials also went well, although the entire team was very sleep-deprived. Some of us from the band competition the night before, and others because of wild partying. Regardless, we performed well. I was only in one of the three trials, as a lawyer. I did decently, and our side (defense) totally dominated the other team. I was incredibly nervous when I went up to cross-examine my first witness, and it probably showed. When I approached her at the witness stand to hand her an exhibit, my hand was shaking and so was the piece of paper in it. To make things worse, she wouldn't take it unless I explicitly asked her to. The first time I went up, I had to quietly beg her to "Please take it..." Actually, it wasn't very quiet when I said that; my team, and some of the audience, say they heard it and found it hilarious.

Now, all I really have to worry about is math team and drama club. The math team's one and only event is actually tomorrow, so that won't be a concern for much longer either. Drama isn't for a few weeks, but I really love hanging out with my club members, so it's all good. I'm playing electric bass for the pit band, which is currently just myself and Stephen on piano. Supposedly a former high school student who hangs around my band class constantly is doing drums, but he's had yet to practice with us. We'd have more people, but my highly incompetent band director didn't come through on holding auditions for the various parts. The only reason Steve and I have gotten any practice is because we're with drama regardless of whether or not she holds practice.

In summary: my schedule is super busy, but it's going to free itself up pretty soon here. Well...I have to go get sleep. What kind of mathlete shows up deprived of his full 8 hours??