Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Blogging In School

Well, Obama won. I'm not really surprised. I didn't log on to talk about that the whole time, however. I know that yesterday I had some great ideas for topics today, so I'm hoping they'll all float to the surface as I'm typing. I wasn't sure if I would even be able to post this morning, because of the inordinate amount of homework I have. Then I found out my book bag, with all of my homework in it, went missing. Now I'm free to type as much as I want, the only price being three missing assignments.
You know what would be cool? If I could use this blog for a grade in Language Arts. it's not inappropriate, and it's better written than most of my papers. Apparently, the teachers' in service yesterday mentioned something along the lines of free expression through a chosen medium, so I think the teacher will be more acceptable to my idea than previous. I'm also trying to become a journalist for the school newspaper, which is a hard task. I've got the disadvantage that the teacher is my mom, and that it's not an extra-curricular class. In my defense, last year they asked me to draw a comic strip for the paper, so I know it's okay to be in it even if your not in the class. Unfortunately, my mom has alienated her classes to me by mocking me during class and making me seem like an easily pushed around student. Her class is mostly 7th grade girls, so I try to be as forgiving as possible, but it's starting to bother me. They don't fear me like they fear the rest of my class. Fear is an important thing for them to feel, because I'm older and deserve the respect.
You know what? I don't think I'm going to do that project. The person who dissuaded me should know who they are. Thanks a lot.
well, see you tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

I think your blog is so awesome you should get extra credit!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh posted this thing called a bulletin in my myspace. It said for people to go to ur blog. so there's is like two different spots with the link now. I jst think people should read this blog because it's the best =]