Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Let's See How Long A Post Can Get!

Once again, people, I feel the need to express my great distaste for crappy computers. Now I'm on my Grandma's office computer, which is an XP. It has dial-up, which is probably the cause for all of my problems. See, I wish to IM Alix, and although it will confirm that she's online, it won't let me IM. Now, until Sunday I had Dial-up at home, so I know that can't be the only problem. The computer, in theory, should work great, because all XP's I've ever used outside of their house work great, with the exception of this morning. For some odd reason, my Grandparents property is like a Bermuda Triangle for computers. Every single computer that goes into their house and store seems to start acting up and malfunctioning for no apparent reason. The only exception to that is my mom's laptop, which probably only survived because it was brand-spankin' new. They only buy refurbished computers, which probably contributes to the effect.

In other news, does anyone who reads this also read MAD? If you do, be sure to look up the monkey issue. I got a letter published in there, as well as a picture of me standing in fear under a giant Alfred E. Neuman statue. I'm still reaping the benefits of that, because I'm still receiving free issues in the mail. It's a sweet deal except for the fact that they get shipped to my Grandparents' house instead of mine. They aren't exactly what you could call fans of MAD, so I often find recent issues hidden underneath stacks of paper or in totally weird places, like on the shelves in their store or on top of the humongous refrigerator.

I've been standing up for the past 4 and a half hours, I had crappy pizza for dinner, and I can't IM Alix, but since I'm on here and posting I'm still really happy. Of course, if I could write to Alix I'd be happier, but since I can't I'll take the good with the bad.

I keep thinking I'm going to end the blog post, but I know that if I do there will be nothing else to do, online or otherwise, so I think this will be the wonder post. It will redefine what I think of as a long post. What else do I have to talk about? I'm not sure yet. Let's just sit back and chill for second, and try to massage some warmth into my fingers.


Actually, I don't think I'll write anymore. I've got to go, because my grandparents store is about to close. Oh, and if this says it was posted tomorrow morning, ignore that, because it was written tonight.


Anonymous said...

oh i see you added the pacman gadget lol and it sure seems like you have an obsession with nervous breakdown prone computers... ha

Anonymous said...

Mabe your Grandparent's house has a ghost that is against technology and hates computers; hense the crappy computers.
Just a theory.

Anonymous said...

I have a crappy computer too. Whats up??? Your blog is so much better than mine my the way. Have to Go!!!

From Katie

Anonymous said...

Its gotta be all Mac based for me! i don't have to time to prat about with a crappy windows computer! lol

Nice blog by the way i will check back often