Saturday, November 15, 2008


So, how's it going everyone? I'm posting because everyone else has gone and I wish to attempt to retain some human contact. For me, that means writing a blog post. Don't be dissuaded by that, just pretend it's being written for less selfish reasons.

Wow, I'm so tired I can't even think straight. Okay, that's an exaggeration, but I am somewhat tired. I'm also suffering from a whopper of a cold, so I'm a bit preoccupied. I really should be capable of handling copious amounts of sneezing and coughing since I've had pretty bad allergies my whole life. However, I somehow can't deal with the accompanying headaches and fever. I've been feeling sluggish the past two days, and I haven't really been able to sit around all day like I would like to. Yesterday I had more time to act ill than today, but today I had to paint my bathroom. The difficulty of the task was multiplied by the fact that the bathroom is the size of a very small walk-in closet. I could barely fit the ladder in there to reach the high spots. I walked out of that bathroom five hours later with paint in my hair and my spirit totally crushed. I spent that whole time getting the first coat down, with the knowledge that I would have to do the exact same thing again tomorrow.

I'm listening to songs I've already heard a million times before, and I'm growing increasingly bored. I think I should be getting going, because now I really can't think straight. How should I end this post? I think I'll go with the Sopranos ending, where I just stop in mid-sentence. Yes, I think that would be the-

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