Saturday, November 8, 2008


Hi, and thanks for tuning in again. I've got a subject in mind, so maybe this post will perhaps be slightly less rambling than my usual posts.

I think I might know why a lot of America is overweight. American food, or at least most of it, doesn't satisfy people. You aren't satisfied, so you eat more. You search for something in the food that's just not there. I know this because I've tasted other food, and I've felt the satisfaction that comes with real food. Other countries have figured out how food is supposed to be made, and we haven't.

Now, I'm not saying I don't like the mass produced food we're so commonly provided. McDonald's is delicious, as are the crappy school lunches they give us. The thing is, however, it doesn't provide what we want or need.

All you need to do is search out food made by the natives of the country or region, and BAM!, you've got what is wanted. Chicago style pizza only satisfies one if it's made by true Chicago people. Pad Thai is made the best by, obviously, the Thai. It's the same.

Also, food made by non-corporate restaurants is usually better in the capacities I've mentioned. If it's made by a small, locally owned cafe, it will be totally awesome. If it's made by a cafe that could be found on any corner in the world, it will taste good, but it won't really be good. It's the same all over.

I'm brought to this topic because today was an especially delicious day. For breakfast, I had veggie sliders with cucumbers and goat cheese. It sounds totally nasty, but it was food nirvana. Where did I find it? A small, non-franchise coffee shop-like place. For dinner (I didn't have any lunch), I had Chicago style pizza. It wasn't from Chicago, but the chefs most certainly were. I ate my fill, and was totally satisfied.

Now, this isn't a diet plan, so don't think it is. It isn't exactly the best plan. since I did gorge myself on what I ate. It didn't work for me, so it probably won't for you. Really, I just wanted to talk about the delicious food I ate today. However, the underlying principle remains, so just pretend all of my inane chatter about food made more sense than I fear it did.

See you tomorrow, or maybe Monday. Bye!


♥ashley said...

oooh i love chicago style pizza!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sure it made perfect sense.
Well as far as school lunches go, I think that all of the processed food will one day turn us all into cannibalistic zombies.
Actually I believe for some, it already has...