Tuesday, November 11, 2008

To The Phones!

Well, I think I have good reason for wanting to post, and here's why: I think I may have lost some of that motivation I had about posting for a while there. Sure, I still post daily, but I think it may have temporarily lost it's heart. I say temporarily, because I plan on bringing back the heart. How will I? I've got ideas. I'm thinking of a way to advertise this blog, but it's not totally formulated yet. I'm thinking massive fundraisers, prime-time ads, maybe even a bribe or two to the bigwigs in the top of the companies that could get this thing somewhere. Actually, that takes money, so maybe I'll just keep telling people I don't even like about my blog. "Please, would you visit this site, and leave a comment so the author doesn't feel as lonely when he wanders the Internet late at night." It's starting to get sad.
Oh, guess what? I just got seasons 7 and 4 of Scrubs. Season 7 is a really short season, because of the stupid writer's strike. I certainly kept writing during it (probably because I don't get paid). I understand there were issues going on, but that doesn't relate to the fact that I didn't get to watch my favourite shows.
As an interesting tidbit, were you aware that spell checks don't recognise the British spelling of "favourite"? It recognizes "favorite", but once you throw in that "u" for good effect, it rejects it like a defective ATM rejects a password. I know, everyone hates a bad metaphor, as I've learned from reading Dilbert, but I've got to make due.
As I'm sitting here, I'm getting distracted by Scrubs and wondering whether or not to stop posting as to devote my whole attention. I'm guessing the best option would be to finish the post and watch, because otherwise my posting might suffer. I know you all wouldn't want that to occur.

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♥ashley said...

yes we all hate bad metaphors lol