Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Stupid Computer!

Wow, can computers be incredibly annoying or what? The computer I'm using is a somewhat nice computer, but it seems to be having an emotional breakdown. The symptoms are vague, and I know that if I get the technology director involved it will stop acting up right before he looks at it.
When I start up the computer,a page for a screen-size clock appears. It's supposed to, but I don't want to use it, so I close it. That's about the point where craziness sets in. I then click the link to the network storage files so I can put some music on the computer. The whole time I'm negotiating that maze, I have to use the right click for some odd reason. When I pull up the music, inevitably a tab will appear at the bottom of the screen that has a ridiculously huge number and "Windows Explorer" written on it. When you right click it, a list that has the same program on it over and over appears. If you click on that, the program starts running. You have to close each file individually.
By this point, I'm incredibly frustrated, and I'd like to get on the Internet. When I hit start, however, I discover if my pointer even touches a program, it starts running. When I say it starts running, I mean 20 windows of the same thing opens. If I touch Shut Down, it closes all windows and shuts down. After turning the stupid thing back on (and cursing at it), I get music playing again and go to Settings to try to fix the mouse. When I try to open the Mouse window, however, 20 little tiny windows that are non-responsive pop up. I'm totally sick of taking the computer's crap by this point, so I hit CTRL+ALT+Delete and go to the task list to shut down everything.
Once I did that, everything was just peachy. Now I'm sitting here, writing about my horrible experience. I'd like to tell myself it's not going to happen again, but that doesn't level with the fact that this is the third time this has happened. I can't be driven to the point of shouting at the computer again, because this time a teacher heard me. Next time, maybe it will be a less responsive and more evil teacher. I can't get a detention, because that would end my perfect record, and I would lose my presidency.
And there's the bell. I'm running late, so I won't be able to say, "See ya," like normal.

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Anonymous said...

well that's weird, you couldn't find the time to say "see ya" but you found the time to say you couldn't.