Thursday, November 6, 2008

Twelve People

Let me let you see exactly what my environment is as I post in the mornings. I'm sitting in a corner, working on a refurbished 98 that was converted to an XP, with Skull candy headphones in my ears that are hooked up to a crappy imitation Ipod. The keyboard has to sit on my lap, because there is no room on the desk the monolith 98 sits on. I'm in a zen state, aware of the fact in a few minutes I'll have to deal with humanity. The Dead Milkmen are playing, and it's a pretty good song. My leg has gone numb from lack of circulation due to the keyboard.
I give you this insight into my writing so you can understand exactly what the conditions around me are as I write to you dear readers. It's something interesting to do, and I haven't posted about it before so it's at least a change in scenery.
Yesterday I realized that to you readers, it must seem as though I have no friends in this world other than Ashley and Alix. I realized this because one of my best friends asked me why I never wrote about her on here. I could have explained it was because she never posted a comment, but instead I told her it was because I wasn't sure if she would be okay with it. Now I feel an obligation to mention all of my friends. There's Keeley, who is the one who brought this predicament to my attention, as well as Kyle, who's a great friend to have. There's Alexis, who would be upset if I didn't mention her. There's my slow-witted band members (and ex-band members), who hopefully understand all of my ridicule is in good nature. There's Leah, whom I mention because she's more likely to read this than others, plus because we went out last year and it would be cruel not to mention her. There's the Eisenhart's, who moved to Indiana last year but are still worthy of mentioning. There's Tessa, trumpet player much more skilled than I. Then of course, we have Ashley, who just started hanging out with me this year, And last, but most certainly not least, Alix. She was the first person to ever read my blog, so she deserves special mention. oh, I suppose if pioneers are getting special mention, Stephen should also be mentioned.
If I failed to mention you, don't feel left out. I just mentioned those who are most likely to read this. It's a good thing to be mentioned on this list, because it could mean special Boyd's World mention in the future. When this blog is world-famous, there might be some mention as to being original readers. Only a few people on that list have never been here, and I hope to change that in the near future. If you are reading this, and have been a dedicated reader, lack of mention is you're own fault. If you posted comments, I would know you read it, but as it is it's impossible to tell.
All of that said, see you next time, which will be either tonight or tomorrow morning.


♥ashley said...

thx for mentioning my name drew! lol

Anonymous said...

Hey i was mentioned to!!!
I feel special now, lol.
see you later...

Unknown said...

heck ya!! pioneers are the best. im a little foot note at the bottom