Friday, November 14, 2008

Read Me, Masses!

So, how's everyone doing? I hope this will be one of the first posts to be read by the masses, because I sent an E-mail to everyone in my contacts and then asked them all to forward it. I hope at least half of them do. Even if half of the people sent it forward it, and half of everyone who is forwarded it does the same, and so on,and so on, soon thousands will know about it. The internet is one of the fastest communication tools on Earth, and I might just want to use that to my advantage. If you were forwarded this, please post a comment. It will brighten up a mad author's day, and although he won't need it, it will be a super-duper pick-me-up.
Wow! I just used five hyphens in one sentence!
I think that's a good note to end on.


Anonymous said...

well i wasn't forwarded this but I felt like commenting anyway.

Anonymous said...

i wasn't fowarded this either, but I will start a forward for you :))