Wednesday, November 26, 2008

This Is A Wednesday Post

Happy Wednesday! Sorry about not posting yesterday. I went online to possibly post, but Ashley was on, and soon two others were as well. I had a hard enough time keeping up all of the conversations, without throwing a blog post in there as well. Sometimes one's mind is too easily distracted.
I'm still not sure what I'm planning on writing about today, although the browser is obviously open and I'm writing. I usually have some idea as to what I plan on writing about before hand, but not today. Perhaps, when in this scenario in the future, I shouldn't post. In this month alone I've posted over 20 times, although this blog itself only has about 80 posts over it's entirety. I've come across some inspiration lately, apparently, because the amount of posts have shot up since the January of last year. Soon Boyd's World will be celebrating it's one year anniversary, and I think I might throw a party. Don't tell it, though, it's a surprise. Not a real party, mind you, one on this here confounded Internet thing.
Well, I'm gonna get going, because I still have to check out the Dilbert blog this morning, as well as fiddle with some settings on here. See ya, and have a great Thanksgiving.


♥ashley said...

Hey Drew-
You should make your blog posts CoLoRfUl!!! lol ♥ashley

Anonymous said...

that's not a very good surprise seeming how the blog could most likely read itself! oh and happy aniversary to ur blog.