Thursday, November 20, 2008


I'm sure all of you have wondered in the past, "Drew, what are you're favourite bands?" Well, here are your answers. On the toolbar, located to the left, there is a list of all the bands and individuals I enjoy listening to. It's not in any particular order, though I did sort the bands a little in order of liking. That's not an easy thing for me to do, however, since my favourites' list changes throughout the day. If I'm sad, I might favor The Smiths. If I'm feeling inspired, I'll listen to R.E.M. It changes every time something, no matter how insignificant, is said to me.
Also, soon I would like to post a list of my ten favorite albums. I've thought for hours on this subject, and I think I'm almost to the point where I can definitively choose. Plus, I can edit the list whenever I want. Blogger may have it's bad point's, but it's great for indecisive types like myself.
I think my toolbar is getting a little crowded, but I can't find a thing that isn't necessary. The whole thing is a composition 0f stuff I feel you need to see, hear, or think about. It may look cluttered, but almost all of it is essential.
Well, although the bell won't ring for a good 10 minutes, I think I'm going to end this post a little early. I'm going to fiddle with the toolbar, and then look at some of the blogs of note. although I scorn them, I always check to see if the really are note-worthy. Well, keep your fingers crossed, and maybe someday every body's favourite blog will grace the list of notable blogs.

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