Friday, March 27, 2009

Complete And Utter Chaotic Posting

Hello everyone, how's it going? My apologies for not posting, I haven't had the inspiration for a good topic in a while. I guess, in order to maintain a good status among my blogger buddies, I'm just going to have to post about my life and try and give it an interesting spin to keep you entertained.
Well, currently, I'm watching Back to the Future, pt. II. I think it's OK, but it's definitely not the best of the trilogy. Probably the worst. I'm not a big fan of pt. III, either, but it's got an appeal in an odd sense.
I'm finally going to get that bass guitar I was talking about. Well, probably. I'm just going to go into the pawn shop (wearing my nicest rock star clothes, of course, to boost my confidence) and tell them how much I'll pay them. I'll offer them a third of the manufacturer's retail price for a new one, which is pretty reasonable considering it's a pawn shop. I mean, how many left-handed bassists are honestly going to come in? My uncle himself told me it's been on their shelf for a long time now.
I don't have an amp (I recently learned you need a special amp for bass), but I think one of my friends has one. If not, I'll try and borrow one from school.
Band class has been pretty awesome lately. We've got our biggest concert of the year coming up, the collage concert. It's a chance for everyone to show off their talent, especially with non-band instruments. An example might be, let's say, singing, or the bass guitar. It's basically a bunch of solos and ensembles, and it's a lot of fun. I'm doing my first solo this year, and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little freaked out. Luckily, it's a really really easy song - Chariots Of Fire. When I played my audition, about half way through, the band teacher started slow-running in place...I laughed into my mouthpiece and couldn't go on...she thought it was funny.
I'm also doing a few ensembles, but the only definite one currently is the theme song to Forrest Gump. I'm doing it with a few friends, and it's also an easy one, so I'm totally confident about it. I mean, I'm a rock star, right? I don't need nerves, they're for posers.
The thing that kind of stinks about the concerts in band, though, are the uniforms. You know...cummerbunds, bow ties, the whole nine yards of dork-ness. Fortunately, I'm a pro at being a dork. I even have a shirt that says so...
If I ever do an ensemble with my band for the concert (we're all in band, and we've got 4 more years), I'm going to do everything I can to make it cooler, while still keeping the general know, just to show we're awesome. I'm thinking my jacket, maybe sunglasses...I know, I'm weird. Deal with it.
OK, I think the general sanity of this post is starting to deteriorate due to slight fatigue...therefore, it shall end now.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Read It All The Way Through

There's something I don't think I've mentioned on here yet, and I feel I should. My grandmother is...*drumroll*....a hooker. Yes, she is a hooker. She's been in the practice for about five years now, and seems to enjoy it. It's just kind of a hobby for her, a way to spend her retirement years, I suppose. I blame myself for getting her in to it, in all truthfulness. I'm the one who got her the kit with all the supplies in it, at least. She even went to a convention for it, last year and the year before. She had me go with her to last summer's convention, and it was pretty interesting. I was definitely younger than the target market there, so there wasn't really anything to do. Lots to look at, though.
Yup, my grandma is involved in the making of latch-hook rugs. She makes decorative pieces of art using a hook and yarn. Why, were you thinking of something else?

Friday, March 20, 2009


I thought my cold was almost gone...I was wrong. I thought it was just a major cough, but it turns out it's targeting one symptom at a time. Now, my nose is dripping like a faucet. Seriously, I've blown my nose every 3 minutes for the last 12 hours. I look like W.C. Fields. Alternately, I look like I could guide Santa's sleigh.
So, going through school oozing from the face was definitely bad enough. However, that was not the worst. No where near the worst. The worst was the party I was going to after school. Even under the best of conditions, the party would have been only somewhat fun, because A. I was the only dude going and B. I knew almost no one. See, I've got two friends that I've known virtually my whole live. They were in "play group" with me when I was younger. We've stayed in touch, and today was one of their B-days. Neither of them go to my school, so all of their friends are people I've never met.
Now, normally this wouldn't be that bad. I was older than all of them, because they're 7th graders, and I could just be the cool older Rock Star. Unfortunately, I instead became the drippy kid. I swear, during the 2 hours I was there, I used up at least a box of Kleenex. I actually had to leave early because of stunk.
Well, once again I'm going to have to ask you all to wish me luck getting healthy. Yes, I'm a selfish person. Too bad, it's not like I'm forcing you to read this. Or am I...???

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Blogging Under The Influence

I've had a messed up day. I've had a cold since Tuesday, and it got worse today. I figured that if I took some serious strength cough-syrup, and tried to not talk much, I'd be fine. That was where I went wrong.
When I say serious strength cough-syrup, I'm not talking about Robitussin. I've had past horrible experiences with coughing, and the doctor gave me a scrip for the codeine stuff. I took a low dosage, and figured I'd be fine. Yeah. By the time the school bell rang, I was having a hard time walking without passing out. As I stood in the hallway talking to Ashley, I started to fall over and lean on her shoulder.
Our first hour teacher always leaves the lights off in the front row, and I have a hard time staying awake even after a can of Diet Coke. Obviously, today was a lot worse. I finished the assignment he gave us, and tried to sleep on my desk. I didn't actually manage to fall asleep, but I achieved a sense of distorted conscious where nothing made sense.
I probably would have fallen asleep, but the dork behind me, Johnny boy, decided to entertain himself by poking me in the back with a pencil. I ignored it the first couple times, but then I spun around and slapped the pencil out of his hand. I curled back up on my desk and resumed the thought insanity, but Johnny was a repeat offender. This time, I slowly turned around, grabbed the writing utensil, and held it as I once again tried to sleep. He sat there for a second, and then got up and bugged me to give it back. I told him I would, but I also told him if he touched me again I'd cut him without a second thought. I meant it, too.
I walked throughout the day in a weird, weird fog. People moved slowly, but my thoughts moved slower. It took such a physical effort to keep my eyes open, nothing else could occupy my attention. I couldn't really control my voice level, and I spoke in a low, quiet voice that was very un-me. This went on until lunch, when the food woke me up a bit.
I felt fine for a while, other than pretty bad chest pains due to coughing. then, my mom and I went running. If you've never ran with horrible chest pain before, let me tell you that you don't want to. I managed to do all 6 intervals, but I was hurting. As I walked to the car, I could not walk in a straight line.
When I got home, I had to clean the rabbit's pen, and as I walked across the field to the place where I dump his litter, the sky was slightly spinning. It was a different feeling than earlier today, and although it was more bearable, it still sucked. As I described it to my mom, my head felt like it was full of springs. When I moved my eyes, everything got all weird for a second.
Now, after some healing elixir (Diet Coke) and a few hours of rest, I feel (pretty much) normal. My chest still feels like its got a wire-brush in it, but other than that I'm OK. Now, I'm left with the question of why anyone would purposely invoke those feelings. Seriously, I felt like crap all day. It sucked. I'm gonna have to take more cough syrup soon, and I'm not looking forward to it. Fortunately, I'll be sleeping this time. I hope I get better soon...

Monday, March 16, 2009

Weekend Update

So, I went camping this weekend. I would have posted yesterday, but I was so busy catching up on stuff I follow I didn't have time. It was our Boy Scout "Polar Bear" campout, during which we have to spend 24 hours outdoors in the cold. Normally, it's a horrible campout, but this year it was great, because it was a really warm weekend.
It was actually the most fun scout activity I've done in a while, which was nice. I even managed to refrain from killing anyone! The best part was probably playing football and 500 with a Nerf ball, because although I stink at throwing a real football, I've got mad Nerf skills. The only crappy part about that was our SPL made us do 10 push-ups every time people got muddy, such as when tackling. I thought that that was really stupid, and it took away a little bit of the fun. I mean, even we were having fun, they managed to take just a little bit away from us.
That night was pretty cold, but it was probably because I had to pee most of the night. Also, my sleeping bag is a little bit small for me, and it's not rated very low temperature-wise. My back still feels really messed up after spending the whole night laying on the ground with out a pillow...actually, my whole body hurts. I wish I knew why, but I'm going to blame a combination of being tackled during football and running aches. My training for that half-marathon I mentioned is going good, but my skins are starting to hurt. I tried going running after the campout, but my legs just hurt too bad. I ended up just taking a nice walk, instead.
In other news, I finally got a record player. A friend of my mom's that had told me he would give me his finally did. It was really our fault, because we didn't stop over by his place to pick it up... All of the records I got in Chicago sound GREAT. The Ramones album was brand new, and was made of thicker vinyl, but it sounded just as good as the other ones that were cleaned. I'm worried I put a scratch in one of my Rats albums, though...
Well, I hear the schoolbell, therefore I must end this post. Peace out!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Bass Guitars

Hello, my dear readers. I was going to write a post based on a randomly generated topic, from one of the various sites online, but I didn't find any I liked. It's probably all for the better, since I doubt I could manage to write more than a few sentences without getting bored. Therefore, instead, I think I'm going to write about my band until I think of something better.
Crush Of Society has finally got all parts of the essential band represented. I allowed my former bassist to re-join, probably a bad choice on my part, and I spoke to a dude in my scout troop and got him to agree to play guitar. We've got a temporary drummer, but he said he would only stay long enough for us to record one song (for an Employability Skills interview). I was just going to sing, but due to some recent developments, there's a chance I'll be playing bass as well. To go into more detail about those recent developments would involve a lot more writing, but I think it's worth it.
As I may have mentioned earlier, my guitar is currently broken. I recently diagnosed it, after having found holding a TV remote too close to the pickups will ruin it. Yes, I am that dumb. No need to remind me. So, in an attempt to get a new guitar that would fit my budget, I went to the local pawn shop. Lucky for me, my uncle just got a job there, so I knew I would have someone on my side to help me out. I went in, and as soon as he saw me, he took me over to the guitar rack and started talking. He told me he didn't want to let me walk out with a right handed guitar, because he felt that it would be a bad move. Quite honestly, I don't care much. I want a guitar that is going to work, and will last a while, before I'm going to worry about how the cutouts fit my hands and how the body hollows fit my ribcage. However, he seemed pretty bent on it, so I complied, knowing not to would be a disaster.
The problem was this: there was only one left-handed guitar currently in stock, and it was a bass. I had went looking for a regular, 6-string electric. However, when I picked it up and held it, it just seemed...right. I remembered that I had been interested in playing bass a while back, but I didn'twant to try and pursue that for fear of hurting my mom's feelings, because she had just gotten me the electric. I'm not sure if breaking it in order to get one was the best idea, but it's a bit late for that.
There are quite a few bass players that dominate the band, and I have no problem with joining their ranks. The Violent Femmes had the world's best bass player, and the Dead Milkmen's dude wasn't that bad, either. The next problem was the fact a lot of people feel the bassist can't also sing. To this I say: you're an unschooled fool, and don't deserve to purchase a Crush Of Society record until you get a proper rock education. Hello? Pink Floyd?? Roger Waters was the bassist, and he still managed to sing and lead the band.
As one last little comment, bass carries the whole band. The volume doesn't have to be turned down all the way, as most heavy metal fans say. I personally enjoy a song with a good bass section, as it is often much catchier of a tune.
So, to conclude this whole bass guitar purchasing thing, I'm currently waiting to find out what the price of the guitar is going to be. It was marked in the store as $185, but I found the manufacturer's site, and they have it listed brand new for $120. I don't think I'm gonna pay $185 anymore, if you know what I mean. I was going to put my purchase on layaway, but if it's anywhere near what I'm thinking it will be, I'm just going to walk out with it. My mom keeps telling me I should wait until my birthday, but that's a little less than 2 months from now. I'm not sure if I can really wait that long...
Hmm, looks like thoughts about a topic never did turn up. I suppose today's topic was all about bass, after all.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Future Of Blogging

A question has been really persistent in my mind lately: what is the future of this blog? Moreover, what will happen to the rest of you, out there? Even the oldest blogs I've seen out here in Blogger are only from 2005, and they're all the ones with 100+ followers. Will we who started more recently eventually reach this stage? Am I going to have 100+ followers soon?
Or maybe the only people who were able to stay in it this long are the people who have that many followers. Did the rest just quit? Who knows...
I think my goal is to keep this blog going for as long as possible. If blogger faces any great financial or technical issues, you'll see me at the rallies to save it. Over the past year (yes, it's only been that long), I've grown to think of this place as my Internet home. I mean, it would be nice to get a big break and become famous like Vodka Mom, but I'm just happy to know at least a few people are reading the mindless rambling I type. If I managed to survive the point in time where I had 0 followers, the greater part of the time Boyd's world has been around, then I'm sure I'll survive having 17, like I currently do. It's almost better, in a way I can't really explain.
Will a new genre in writing begin to crop up, the Blog genre? It would be like the autobiography section that currently exists, but a bit more eclectic, more realistic. I don't mean to say that normal autobiographies aren't truthful, but they're written after the actual event. The author has gained new perceptions, that may affect the descriptions of the raw emotion. With blogging, a person often writes right after something happens. They've still got the unfiltered feelings, and it just tends to seem more...honest, if that makes sense.
Well, I know I want that elusive book deal; do you?

Monday, March 9, 2009

An Unread Letter

Dear preppy, gossipy girls in band,
What is your deal? I'm afraid I've never quite gotten the whole "torture a person to insanity" form of entertainment, and I've never really cared to get a demonstration. What do you people not get about the classic way of telling someone to stop bugging you, "f**k off"?
I just don't really see the amusement in making someone mad. Why does it amuse you to see me angry? I'm starting to wonder how on earth I got elected class president, what with all the people who seem to dislike me in this school. Now, I'm cool with people hating me. In fact, I like it; at least then there are no uncertain terms. However, when people decide to try and mess with my head, it really starts to annoy me. How many times do you have to hear me say that I have personal space issues (touch my hair and die) before you understand that I'm not kidding? Obviously, more than the number I've already said.
Seriously, where's the point? What is wrong with your head that you find amusement in this? Seriously, I've really relaxed my opinions on preps and such, but it's people like you that cause the properly-earned prejudice. No wonder all of us rejects (those not willing to sell emotion for false friendships) have such opinions. How could anyone have a good word to say about someone as vile as you?
I think I've said my 47 cents worth, and that's all I can really do. Thank goodness for the wonder of being able to express my thoughts through this blog...

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Silence of the Vegetables

I was inspired to create this by a recent supermarket experience. When we were in line at the checkout, I noticed the movie Silence of the Lambs right next to a Veggie Tales movie. My mom told me it would make a hilarious blog post, and I'm relying on you to tell me if she was right or not.
Wouldn't it be a pretty pointless movie, though, because there's nothing wrong with eating or skinning (peeling) vegetables, is there?

Friday, March 6, 2009

Movie Review: Watchmen

Hey, so I just got home from seeing the movie Watchmen. I had no idea I was even going to until I read it on my mom's blog...It was pretty good. Therefore, I decided to do a review. Congrats, in that you happen to follow my blog and are lucky enough to be able to read this.
My first comment is definitely going to have to do with the fact it was rated "R" for a reason. Nudity, violence, profanity, the whole nine yards. My question is this: why did Dr. Manhattan stop wearing his only article of clothing about 10 minutes into the movie? Why was he even nude in the first place? Bruce Banner wore clothes even though he knew there was a risk he would suddenly become a giant and rip them, so why couldn't this super-hero? Whatever.
The violence was, well, violent. I hate gore, with the exception of really fake gore. This was really fake gore. It wasn't the Monty Python-style "made to be fake" stuff, but it was still quite crappy. Humans do not explode in the manner shown, nor does blood spray. It was very CGI.
The actual story took place in an alternate-universe version of the 80's, and they did a pretty good job with continuity. I'm glad I know so much about that time, and all the pop-culture, because otherwise I wouldn't have gotten half the jokes in it. As it was, I needed a lot of the political stuff explained.
It was a pretty good film, overall. I give it a:
4 out of 5 stars
It was good, just not five stars good. Great soundtrack, though.

Monday, March 2, 2009


I'm NOT in a good mood. Wanna know why? good, because that's my topic today.

So, yesterday, Ashley was coming over. She was going to arrive at 2 in the afternoon, and leave at 6. Well, my mom and I were going to move the couch from the basement to the living room for optimum movie-viewing, when the power went out. We went down to the basement, flicked on the lights, and got no response. I was freaking out, because I really had planned the whole afternoon around watching movies, but there wasn't too much we could do. My mom called DTE, the local power plant, and they told us they would have it fixed by 5 in the afternoon, at the latest. I called Ashley on my cell and told her to wear long sleeves, just in case they didn't get the power back on quickly. Yeah.

So, Ashley came over, and we played various board- and card- games for the next 4 hours. 5 came and went, and we still had no power. It was starting to get really cold, and I was getting annoyed. Ashley went home, and my mom, family friend Joe, and I all piled into the car and drove around, trying to see who had power and if the power people were working on the lines. We found nothing, but it was warm in the car so it didn't really matter. When we got back, there was still no power.

We made some hot cocoa on the stove, which is fortunately gas powered, and got dressed up warm. Joe went home, and we went to my grandparents house, who live nearby and had power, to get water. For those living in the city, allow me to explain further. In the country, we have our own personal well for each house. If the power goes out, the well stops pumping. no well equals no water. When we got back home, we just went to bed. There was nothing to do, because it was dark and cold. I surfed the web for a while, of course, but I didn't want to kill the battery, so that didn't provide much entertainment.
When I woke up the next morning, it was horrible. I could actually see my breathe in the house. I was reminded of going camping, except there was no warm fire to go and sit next to. We still had no water, so we had to pack up our clothes and stuff, to drive over to my grandparents to shower and stuff. That sucked, because their shower is basically a cement cubicle in the basement. The water is so mineral-rich it practically dries on your skin.
We got our power back Monday afternoon, which was nice. The house was all warm when we got home, and we kept it a bit above the norm to make up for any fuel we had saved the day before.
By the way, if this post seemed somewhat odd in tense, that is due to the fact part was written while we still had no power, and the other part was written today, with a different perspective, a different time.