Thursday, November 27, 2008

Late One Thanksgiving Night

Hi, and happy Thanksgiving. I had a good one, although from some whiny blog posts maybe not all did. I'm certain that I haven't been posting enough, because Ashley managed to make two consecutive posts before I made another. She normal posts about once a week, and the thought that I didn't post at all in between two of her posts just shows poor maintenance. Sure, we can all remember those dark ages of one post every two weeks, and of course I do obsessively-compulsively post, but still! I am proud of the fact that I post the most of everyone.
All ranting aside, there's no one on because of the fact it's a national holiday. Well, actually, it's probably not that, because by checking time stamps on E-mails and blog posts I can tell that at least two people have been on today, and possibly more. I'm not desperate for human contact, but I'm getting quite bored. I've been watching The Incredibles on TV, and I am glad it's on. As far as Pixar films go, it's not half bad. Really, to tell the truth, I can't think of one of their films I didn't like.
Yay, someones online! I think I should take this as an excuse to stop the post, but quite honestly, I've been disappointed with the length of my recent blog posts. They've been lacking a little bit, and that is disturbing. However, it's getting harder to concentrate on writing this post, so I believe I must. Well, I'll see you soon, my wonderful readers.


Anonymous said...

Happy late Thanksgiving!!!

Anonymous said...

Ohh and I just made a new blog and I'm following your's and Ashley's!!!