Friday, November 21, 2008

Lot's 'O' Chatter

I finally got my top ten favourite albums sorted out. Now, this list is subject to change. In fact, I just now thought of one that is more deserving to be on there than another. It really seemed like a more daunting task in my head than it actually turned out to be. Quite honestly, it took about five minutes, and that was just because I had to put who performed each one and what ranking they got. I was originally just going to throw them up there in any order, because I really didn't think I could choose, but then I realized that that could be confusing. I also put who made each one on there as an afterthought, because I realized some of you may not have heard of some of them.
Wow, I really seem to be having a hard time typing this morning. I'm using the school computer, which I can normally type way faster on than my laptop, but today my fingers just don't want to hit the right keys. I'm not one of those people whose fingers just fly across the keyboard, but I am one of the fastest typers in my class. For a while, I tried using a self-instruction program, but because there was no real motivation to do all the lessons and follow directions, I soon lost interest. I did learn to use both hands and multiple fingers when typing, which is probably the cause for my speed.
well, it's only 7:04, and the bell won't be ringing for 16 minutes, but I seem ready to end this post. Now that I do my homework at home instead of at school every morning, I've been able to spend way more time on the computer. Plus, with my incredibly persistent cold, I've been just well enough to goof around online for hours. It's starting to get a little boring on here. People don't always post every day like I do, which leads to some boredom on other people's part. I've been looking for new sites to check out, and more channels on YouTube to watch. The YouTube thing is going well, thanks to some friends who have had high speed longer than I, but I've only found one new site. It's, and it's just full of cool videos. They're way smoother than YouTube video's and a lot higher quality. The site was shown to me by Stephen, a Boyd's World pioneer who, although he has an account, for some reason hasn't signed up as a follower. He asked me to mention his name in the post, so I did in all my brutal scorn. OK, I'm kidding (kind of). The video he told me about was called Animator vs. Animation, and was incredibly cool. I could have sworn it was a real screen the whole time. I'd post a link, but to do that I'll have to check the history on my laptop.
Well, I think I'm gonna get going, so see you next time on Boyd's World.

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you didnt mention Angry Video Game Nerd!
thanks for mentioning me