Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Wedding Update

Happy 2009!!!! I managed to survive the wedding, but only by the skin of my teeth. I did manage to walk away with some funny stories, though.
The point I consider the worst was when my Grandma began discussing my date life with a lady we had only known for about 2 hours. I dislike it when she asks me about my girlfriends, let alone when she chats idly about them with near-strangers. It was incredibly traumatizing, let me tell you.
Now, for the funny story. When they threw the garter, I plain out refused to go up. My uncle, however, was dragged up there and forced to try and catch it. When the groom tossed it, guess who it landed in the hands of? That's right, my uncle. He was horribly embarrassed, although he really should have saved it for the next stage. When the bride threw the bouquet, a 15-ish year old girl caught it. My uncle reddened. He went up to put the garter on her, but before he could the mother of the bride ran up and told the DJ to stop him, because they were related. I'm sure the DJ has encountered this scenario before, and he followed an alternate script and played some different music. My uncle got the garter put on him, with Dude Looks Like A Lady playing. Now, even for a normal dude this would be horrible, but my uncle has an, ahem, condition that made it worse. He has hair that falls to the middle of his back. It's not like he's a Hippie or anything, he apparently just doesn't like haircuts. So, he's getting the garter put on him, with his really long hair, and the earlier mentioned song playing in the background. It was side-splittingly funny, and probably one of his top-ten worst moments in his life.
It's not nice to laugh at others, but I think that gets an exception for being extra funny. Well, I've told my tales, and wished you all a happy 2009, so I think I'm going to finish this thing off. Once again, happy 2009!

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M♥A♥D♥D♥I!! said...

drew, i should be mad for alll the crap i have been given from them. you don't know what went on over summer and earlier this year. At least i'm not saying names, and, i am just saying what happens. this is my blog, i can write about whatever i want to. it isn't like I am saying that they are sluts or stuff like that. meaner girls isn't that bad. what should i call them then? hate me, i don't care, just if you want to get all up in my case, get all the facts before you do!