Thursday, December 11, 2008

Records And 8-Tracks And Tapes, Oh My!!

Hello everyone. It's time for another Boyd's World post, the exact thing you were all hoping for when you logged on. Did I post yesterday? If I didn't, then I apologize. If I did, then I need my memory checked.

Okay, lets get to it. Have you ever tried to get a certain album on every kind of media? Records, tapes, 8 tracks, CD's, all of that good stuff. I wish I could get The Wall on every media, just to compare meaningless trivial stuff, but it's almost impossible to find it on tape, at least at the prices I'm willing to spend. I do have Dark Side of the Moon on tape as well as CD, but the tape was pretty much trashed while it was in storage in my grandparents' attic. It's still cool though, to hear how much sound quality has improved. I also kind of like the garage-band sound a tape or record gives music, so I win there as well. I have a lot of tapes, at least for someone of my generation, but I would like to get a MP3 converter so I can put them on my fake-Ipod. I've got lots of Weird Al tapes, and I'm trying to get them all on CD from the public library. I have a few oddities, like Oingo Boingo's Dead Man's Party. It's a really sweet tape, full of that unique New-Wave sound we all dig.

I also realized something as I read an old CD review of mine. I critiqued A.F.I. for being all goth and depressed when they're so famous and well liked, and felt they were just maintaining that image for their fans. My realization was that I listen to bands like The Cure and The Smiths, who were popular, yet kept up that very sad, goth look. I don't criticize them for it, because I enjoy their music more, but I'm kind of being unfair. I officially revoke the rating I gave that album, and would like to exchange it for a three out of five. Really, I was somewhat prejudiced from that band by what others said, and I didn't really review it as unbiased as one would want.

There, I've spoken my feelings about old musical media, and I've apologized for my bias. It seems like a good way to finish this post, which means I will. See you next time on Boyd's World!

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