Thursday, December 4, 2008

Crush of Society and Going Solo

I realized that I haven't wrote an update on my band, and my whole rock stardom in general, so I believe that's today's subject. First, about Crush of Society. I kicked out everyone, so pretty much I'm bandless again. I couldn't stand their constant insanities, and I was feeling oppressed. Now, I don't actually play, so that may sound a bit dramatic, but I reserve the right to sound however I please when in my electric domain. I kept the name of the band solely because I really like it, and I think that if I ever do get a band, it could still be named that.
As my guitar playing goes, I'm actually getting pretty good. The thing is though, I can't read music for guitar, and I can't play actual chords. Oh, sure, I can play imaginary ones with the best of posers, but when I sit down with actual sheet music I start to freak out. I've tried playing my cornet music on the guitar, with notes, but the way it's written sounds really messed up. Also, I'm too cheap to buy solo music for my cornet online, so all I've got are band arrangements. If it wasn't for the fact I played a solo-heavy instrument, I would probably have much less to try and play. As it is, the only stuff I've gotten from cornet music is part of Iron Man and Smoke On the Water, neither of which really fit into my niche of music.
I did discover, however, that either the line into my amp or the guitar itself is broken. I can't get the sound to go to the amp every time, and it really sounds better amplified. I have two acoustics to my disposal, but they're strung right-handed, so I would have to re-teach myself the guitar right-handed. I really don't care that much, so I've just been playing it unplugged lately. I've had a guitar for 344 days so far, and I have about that much experience.
I'm going to stop talking guitar now, so it doesn't get too tedious. Plus, the bell's about to ring, and I've got to go and learn (in between socializing, that is). I'll probably post again tomorrow, so no one out there gets too bored while I'm away.

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Unknown said...

hey. i understand. its hard to find good band members.
as with the guitar to cornet, i have the music program so just send it my way