Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I'm having a good day, so I think I'll post. I'm listening to good music (The Cure), I'm talking to a friend (Ashley), and I'm watching a really freaky, trippy movie on channel 20.
Well, I did mention I'd tell you about my concert yesterday. I played totally awesome, except for one little part. Unfortunately, that one little part was my duet, the only time during the entire concert I was one of the only two people playing. Other than that, though, I did great. Actually, our whole band did really good, except for 3 of our saxophone players. They seem to be totally inept at counting, and playing, for that matter. Luckily, they were pretty much drowned out, and we sounded great.
We've had a substitute director for the past six weeks, because our band teacher was gone on maternity leave. Our regular teacher is pretty cool, but I really wish our sub was our full time teacher. Now, I'm saying this from a purely professional view, and I really have no quarrels with either teacher. It's just that the sub was a really good conductor, and I found it easier to follow along. He also taught us a lot of stuff we didn't know. Plus, he had the coolest name: Mr. T. It just naturally led to tons of jokes, like "Mr. T. pities the fool who plays a wrong note."
Well, time is winding down, and so am I. I'm tired, and I think I'm gonna go to bed now. I'll see you next time, on Boyd's World!


Unknown said...

i didnt like mr trimmer at all.
we warmed up for like half a hour and he started us at the end of the song and made us play it over again. it was frustrating. maybe for the YJH band he was good, but for the high school, he sucked

♥ashley said...

who plays saxaphone?