Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Outsider

Wow!! Someone I don't know is following Boyd's World! I don't want to seem crazy, but this is totally awesome. If someone managed to find this without my help, perhaps soon others will as well. Now, I still haven't ruled out the possibility that the person was really just advertising her own blog, but it's not like I can blame someone for that. I've considered going through the various blogs and following them, or posting comments, just to get followers. Really, it doesn't matter, because it brings my follower number up, and hers as well.
Perhaps blatant advertisement is the way to go. No, no, that can't be as good of an idea as it seems. I can understand someone doing that, but some might not. I don't want to hurt my rep on Blogger. I would love to get more followers, but I also don't want to be universally despised for mass advertisement, which I think I would be.
So, to sum it all up, someone has discovered Boyd's World without knowing me. I'd like to say thanks to her, thanks for following my blog. It's cool just to see the number of followers, and cooler to see a person I don't know listed as one of them.
I've got to go now, because school's nearing it's end and I have to go in for allergy shots. Yes, Keeley, I'm writing about my allergies more. Must you be so obsessive over one small aspect of the legacy that is Boyd's World?
See you all later!

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Unknown said...

...I'm going to go out on a limb here and assume I'm that person you don't know. haha. Hello, I'm Ashley. Nice to meet you, lol. I didn't follow your blog just to get mine out there. I was simply searching through some to gain a better understanding of blogging. I've never actually 'blogged' before. I've written on MySpace blogs and whatnot, but not on a site that is purely for me to write about whatever I choose. I came across your blog and before I read anything I decided I was going to follow it. 'If you'd like to hear someone's random thoughts...' got me haha. I love random things and I figured why not be random and follow this blog! Well, I hope you don't think I was too much of a creep for following your blog, but I will read it. I'm not just trying to follow randoms to gain a following. Cya! - Ashley E. :))