Saturday, December 27, 2008

This Post Will Change Your Life

Hey, everyone. I had a great Christmas, and I got everything I asked for. I'm posting because, well, I've been a slacker lately. I really need to keep up with my blog more. I've been IMing a lot lately, and it's hard to focus. Currently, no one is online, for at least a few minutes.
Oh! I finally hit the 10 followers mark! I'm pretty happy. Thanks, Diane, for helping me achieve that. Currently, my blog has had 113 hits since I installed a counter. I'm glad, because 3 months ago Boyd's World was virtually unknown. Now, everyone seems to have a blog.
I just got a cool book (not a Christmas gift). It's called This Book Will Change Your Life, and it was created by this site. It's 365 days of activities geared towards changing the way you look at life. It's kind of anarchist, but still pretty cool. I think the main goal is to turn you into a social pariah. I started today, and I can already feel the changes occurring. OK, not really, but I'm sure the anti-social activities in this book will soon change my outlook on life. One of the weirdest days is day 13: write a letter to a famous serial killer.
I'm not sure how I'm going to be able to achieve some of these activities, such as going an entire day without talking. I'm going to carry around a sign that tells people my plight, but I'm sure some of my teachers will be slightly disapproving.
Well, people are online again, so I'm going to end this. Posts get discordant if I write when IMing, for some reason. Well, see you later, my lovely readers.


Diane said...

So you just diss your blog followers for your IM friends?! Is that how it goes?! *wink* lol

Which serial killer do you think you'll write to?

Glad you got all you wanted for Christmas.

CHASE said...

That's cool. I'm suddenly interested in looking up a copy of this book. I've been in the mood to change up my life just a tad.