Wednesday, December 31, 2008

One Wedding And No Funerals

Hello, everyone. Is the Internet, like, dead today? There have been no posts on any of the blogs I follow, and no one is logged in to Messenger. I've read my way through the archives of this web comic, and Slow Wave only posts once a week. I can't even shop on amazon, because I'm totally broke.
On an unrelated note, in about an hour and a half, I'm going to a wedding reception. We're only going to the reception, and if it's boring, we'll leave to go see the new James Bond flick. Two years ago, we went to see Casino Royale, to properly welcome the year (2007). Last year, we saw I Am Legend, which was kind of over-rated. I read the novella before going to see it, and it was way better. Seriously, the movie had absolutely nothing to do with the book, other than the whole vampire thing.
Has anyone been missing my CD and movie reviews? I haven't really gotten anything worthy of review, so I haven't been. I'm glad to see that the poll on the side bar actually got some responses. It's been the first since Boyd's World gained a following, and I'm quite glad.
OK, looks like it's time for this post to end. Time to put on a tie...


Eve Noir said...

hi. i'm eve, and also a new follower to your blog (i saw yours on diane's page). my page had new posts today, so i know that blogger was not dead!;} i've just read your blogs on your current page, so i'd like to see some of your film/music reviews. did you make a list(s) of your fave stuff of 2008? i did that about a week back. just a suggestion. take care~eve
(from Through Eve's Looking-Glass)

Diane said...

Yea, I'm here too!! You're just looking in the wrong place!

I'm not much of a movie watcher but I'd love to check out some new music.

Have fun at the wedding reception. haha Sorry, those things usually blow.

I voted for Halloween, btw. Or course.

Eve Noir said...

ha, yeah, i voted Halloween too...but of course! ^_^