Friday, December 5, 2008

A Museum Of Trees?

Good morning, everyone! It's a short post kind of day, because I only have about ten minutes. I just felt like checking in, because I probably won't get a chance to write later. I'm going out looking for a Christmas tree. I want a really pimpin' black artificial tree they have at WalMart, but my mom wants to just get a regular-looking one. I see nothing wrong with a unique tree, but apparently she doesn't think the rest of the family will approve when they come over. It's pretty bogus, if I may say so myself.
Oh, tomorrow I'm going to the Henry Ford Museum, and then the Imax next door. It's a thing with Boy Scouts, so I'm not sure how fun it will be yet. At least I got in a good group for wandering a museum, because I know some groups will probably just run through the place, pressing buttons. My favourite part of the museum is the section where they have stuff from the 60's, 70's, and 80's. Good music, cool technology, and interesting fashions all came from those era's, and I love to see it and compare them all to modern day.
Well, the bell is about to ring, so I have to get going. Oh, there it is!

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Alix said...

Hey I saw that tree when I was with Ashley and Katelyn.
It was pretty awesome.