Saturday, December 13, 2008

Partying, Pt. 2

Hey everyone. Sorry that I haven't posted for a whole day, but I'm trying to not post when I don't have a good-ish topic to write about. I just got back from an awesome party, this time at Ashley's house. I had a ton of fun, and I wish I hadn't had to leave so early. However, that's just how it goes.
I want to have a party at my house sometime, but there are a few problems. I need the space necessary for people to hang out, and the only place big enough is my basement. My basement isn't finished, and it has no furniture to speak of. It's kind of a storage space for stuff like my Legos (yes, I still enjoy Legos, don't judge me) and it has stuff like exercise equipment and tools. It's got cement walls and a crappy floor, and it has lots of cobwebs. We're going to get a couch for down there soon, which will probably solve the seating problem. I think, despite the many issues, I can fix it up to the point of usability, and I will be successful.
I'm going to get going now, because I'm getting distracted by the T.V. Kung Foo Panda is a total rip-off of Star Wars, yet I'm still drawn into it. Probably because it has Jack Black in it, and every movie he's in has to be good. See you soon, on Boyd's World.


♥ashley said...

oooh totally tons of funn hehehehe
we should totally hang out again haha
you didn't ruin my party... you made it... interesting
well bye
from, ashley,alix,emily,taylor,katelyn, and amy

Alix said...

hahahahaha yeah funn party...
it's not like anyone was creepy there or anything...hehe