Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Elements And Inspiration

Wow, sorry about the whole time gap between posts. I've been pretty busy lately, being a slacker and all. I've got to memorize the first 20 elements and their symbols by tomorrow, and I think I have them down. mnemonic devices seem to help me a lot, and I found some cool ones on the net. Well, I have them down right now, but in 12 hours, who knows? They might just disappear from my mind.
I'm worried I lost that spark of inspiration that caused me to write so much in November. Well, I know I didn't lose it, but it may have dimmed a little. I sit here, having not written in two days, with nothing noteworthy to write. I'm IMing at the same time, so I'm probably distracted. I wouldn't call it writing under the influence, but it is close to it because of the high amount of anti-focus I'm currently suffering from.
It's almost pathetic, my lack of inspiration. I can't find a thing to write about, while the five other blogs I may or may not have inspired are flowing with long and fascinating posts. Where did I go wrong?
Actually, this post seems pretty inspired, so perhaps all hope is not gone. It's almost pushing the mark that I consider long, and I'm pretty proud. Perhaps my lack of inspiration is somewhat inspiring. I know, that's an oxymoron, but you're hearing it from one, so it's okay.
Well, I'm gonna get going, because I succeeded in my mission of writing a good blog post. It may not be the best, but I'm sure it will tide you over until the next, probably tomorrow. Bye!

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