Saturday, December 6, 2008

Henry Ford And IMAX

Hi, I'm posting the results of my trip to the Henry Ford Museum and IMAX. I had a lot of fun at the museum, because the people in my group were Stephen (you all know him) and Bobby, a new kid in our troop who, despite his age, is almost 6 feet tall, taller than 5 foot 9 you're currently talking to.
A weird thing happened while we were there, though. We had just gotten back from lunch, where another group had told us that there was a group of college-age girls trying to get people from our troop pose with them for photos. It wasn't five minutes after that when they approached us. They didn't even ask us to take the photo, they just kind of walked up and told us to get in a group. We all knew about them, so we were kind of laughing to ourselves when they got a photo of one of the girls standing with us. They never really asked if they could, or spoke to us at all, except for instructing us to smile and a quick thank-you. Apparently, this happened to a couple other groups as well... I guess Boy Scouts are supposed to pose for photos? It was really weird and funny.
When we got to IMAX, it was showing Polar Express, which I've seen about a million times already. I had my MP4 player in my pocket, so I decided to listen to Pink Floyd's Dark Side of The Moon to see if the two movies synced up in any significant manner. To make a long story short, after two complete playings of the album, I discovered that no, no there was no significant correlations. It was pretty cool though, and parts that were really slow and dramatic were usually during the fast songs, and vice versa. I would have liked to have listened to The Wall instead, but it's split into two different parts on the menu, making a good segway impossible. Maybe next time...
I got this cool souvenir at the gift shop, it's called a hand boiler and it demonstrates heat transfer. the basic principle is this: when you put your hand around the bottom of the thing, it boils the liquid and causes it to rise to the top in a classic display of the water cycle. It's going to make a sweet dust-collector, at least.
Well, now that you managed to get all the highlights of the museum and IMAX without paying, I believe I'll end this post. Perhaps I'll see you tomorrow, who knows?


Unknown said...

nice post.
i didnt even get a good enough look to see if they were hot. ****

♥ashley said...

haha bet you enjoyed the thing with the girls

Unknown said...

nice post... from the way you relate i guess u are interested in tech and science, just my guess. Is it right?
I read in ur profile that u like Michael Crichton's books...( he recently passed away ...RIP for him) I too like his works , sometimes i had to defend his works with other book-lovers(those who dislike him)...
Tell me which book of his u liked most.

And by the way what do you do?
I'm doing my BTech degree in Comp Sc.(much like BS in US) , i'm from india.

All your posts are straight forward and interesting ... keep up the good work.