Sunday, January 4, 2009

Cool Thoughts Inspired By My Party

Well, my awesome party went great. Two people never showed up though, so me and Stephen were the only guys. I had absolutely tons of fun. We got to exchange Christmas gifts, because we couldn't on the last day of school. I got a leather-bound journal that I love, and a sweet Ramones T-shirt that comes with an amusing story.

OK, so on Monday of this past week, my mom and I went into town so I could return a sweater that I had gotten. I asked if I could get a T-shirt from Hot Topic instead of a different sweater, because I had been keeping my eye on a few they had there, a Ramones one and a Cure one. I decided to get the Ramones one, because every rock star needs at least one, right? Well, I got home and logged on so I could burn a few CDs. Alix and Ashley were online, so I IMed them, to see what they were doing. Conversation was pretty much at a standstill, and in order to keep it going, I told them about my new T-shirt. Alix started flipping out, and then told me to describe it. I did, and it turned out she had already gotten me the same exact shirt for Christmas. I started to laugh, and I told her I would return it. We did on Friday, and I got the sweet Cure shirt instead.

The party itself was great too. The basement was actually really nice looking, what with all the lava lamps, disco balls, and Christmas lights I put up. We got the couch, too, and it is really comfy. The basement was pretty much transformed from storage space to party place in a day, and I plan on keeping it the way it is. We hooked my MP3 player up to my guitar amp, and used that for music. Stephen and Ashley brought some music with them ,and assisted me in my goal to fill up all 8 gigabytes of my new MP3 player. I've been going pretty crazy with it, putting almost me and my moms entire CD library on it, and I've made a few trips to the library as well. The weird thing is, I have more of the stuff I kind of like, but less of my all-time favourites. Like, I have 6 Depeche Mode CDs on there, but only one 2-disc Oingo Boingo CD. By the way, Oingo Boingo is great party music, I've discovered. I don't use illegal downloading sites, either, because I know when I'm a rock star, I wouldn't want peeps to use them to get my music. Plus, I don't have administrative powers with this computer, and it won't let me download anything. I can't even use Mozilla Firefox, because I can't download flash player. Yesterday, Stephen showed me some sweet online radio stations, and I think I'm going to start listening to those more often.

Well, I feel as though today I had some rather productive posting. Perhaps, then, I shall end this post. Yup, definitely.


Diane said...

Sweet, you got BOTH shirts!
The Ramone's shirt is def a rock star staple! Along with a CBGB shirt. Those two shirts and a pr of jeans and youre all set.

♥ashley said...

love tht cure t shirt
and the scarff
very very funn party