Thursday, February 26, 2009


Hey everyone. I can once again be found sitting in my mom's classroom, this time waiting for her to finish up with her teacher-stuff so I can go home and get ready to go shooting. I'm really not looking forward to going, although I know I'll have fun once I actually get there. I'm not exactly sure why I loathe going, but it is really hard for me to convince myself I'll have fun. I go with my grandpa, who has basically devoted his entire retired life to shooting sports. He actually owns a gun shop, which can be pretty cool. I've got a job there, where I clean muzzle-loaders and make various parts. The store specializes in muzzle-loading, although he can fix pretty much anything. It's a pretty good job.
When we go shooting on Thursdays, we shoot a few rounds of skeet. I'm in a league, so there's just one more reason for me to have to go out. If I don't shoot a certain number of birds (no, not real ones - clay discs) by a certain date, I'm disqualified. It's not like I'll win anything, either, because I'm not as good at skeet as I am good old fashioned muzzle-loading. It probably wouldn't be so bad if there was anyone my age out at the club. Instead, I get to spend 4 hours chilling with old dudes. In their defense, they do tell good stories, but it still is a bit boring.

Hmm....that was weird. 3 or 4 police-looking dudes just walked into my mom's classroom, and did some funky inspection. They apologized, because they didn't think anyone was in here, but they went on with the inspection. I think it had something to do with fire safety, but I wasn't really paying attention. The one guy, who didn't seem to have any purpose, had on a utility-belt type thing, and a bullet proof vest. I'm sure he was just afraid to have to be near us dangerous middle school kids...haahaa.
Well, I'm going to go shoot now. Wish me luck!


Diane said...

that sounds like a blast to me! you could prob learn a lot hanging out with "old" ppl. :)
(i'm not gonna ask you what your definition of old is, cuz you'll prob say something like 40 and then i'll hafta smack ya! lol)

taitle said...

man American High School sounds dangerous!

Well thats probably part and parcel of being in a Gun-country.