Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Weekend, Broken Down

Hello, dear readers of Boyd's World. I'm sorry I haven't posted in a few days, deal with it.
The reason, probably, is that there is nothing much exciting happening currently. I'm going to the allergist's tonight, then for a walk, then probably home. Tomorrow, I've got my day after school tied up with shooting, featuring a complete cast of old people and obnoxiously conservative dudes who don't get the full scoop before dissing a person. Friday is when things begin to get interesting again, because I've got mid-winter break. Friday I'll probably be working, but Saturday Ashley and I are going to the movies. What is in the theatres that is good? I'm not a fan of gore, so please refrain from recommending My Bloody Valentine or Friday The Thirteenth. I've heard those two recommendations enough times already, I don't need to hear it from all of you as well.
Sunday, I'm pulling trap out at the local Sportsman's club, this time for pay. All through the summer, I did it as a volunteer, but this time it's for something else. It's not hard work, either, so I kind of luck out. I certainly need the cash. I've been totally broke, ever since I got back from Chicago. It'll be good to order CDs again. Actually, I still need a record player, so that will probably be my first investment. I know a place in town that has them, and I'm pretty sure they're the kind that record the albums as MP3 files. It would be pretty sweet to be able to hear the glorious sound of vinyl with the ease of an MP3 player.
Well, I've got to go to the allergists, and I don't have mobile blogging. Peace out, fans.

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