Monday, February 23, 2009

CDs and Followers

Hello, my dear readers, it's good to know you're out there. In response to a recently asked question (I got the E-mail when I got home today), I discover all of the blogs I follow through the followings and followers of those I follow. Could you keep up with the crazy use of the word "follow" in that sentence? Cool. In specific response to the exact question I was asked, I discovered your blog through the list of blogs my mom (sAm) follows.
I think I've got a bit of a...situation with my MP3 player. Specifically, I've become overwhelmed by the vast number of CDs I've got on it. Seriously, I've never listened to a B-52's album all the way through, yet I have 3 or 4 on there. I've been going to the library and walking away with stacks over a foot high. It's starting to be a problem, especially because I'm a bit afraid of the government tracking that stuff, and busting down my door. Fortunately, I'm a minor, so I don't get the heat. Sorry, mom.
It's also impossible to be able to listen to all of the CDs when I get that many. I get fixated on one or two, and I flood my mind with those lucky few. The rest get downloaded to my MP3 and only get played when I set it to shuffle.
Well, I've done my crappy observational humour, what more do you want? Fear not, dear readers, I'll be back again soon.


taitle said...

Your MP3 player is overloaded? Wow!

Well Itunes/media player sapping up ,memmory isn't the best idea and you may need to do some trickery and get an external hard-drive.

I am always nervous on the internet that is why I never download music illegally - I just use the music of my friends or buy it physical or legal.

You can pick and choose what is on your mp3 though.

Anonymous said...


I'm lost