Sunday, February 1, 2009

Chicago, Day Three

Today was probably the most uneventful day of our trip so far. We got up, and got on the bus pretty early to go to a restaurant in China Town for breakfast. It was my first time on public transportation in 2 years, and it was interesting enough. Our main event today was to go to a Chinese New-Year parade, but it didn't start for three hours. We went to a few shops in China Town to pass the time. Were you aware they leave raw fish sitting out for a really long time in those places? Neither was I, until today. Nasty smells greeted our noses wherever we went.
The parade started, and it was pretty cool. We got a good place to watch, up on a balcony overhead. There were a few of the traditional dragons and stuff like that, but it was mostly businesses advertising. A thing that interested me was the sheer size of it. If you live in a small town, like I do, you get accustomed to small parades. I'd swear this one was over a mile long!
After the parade, we went back to our friends' house and spent a large chunk of time online. At six, we walked to the El station and rode it to a pizza parlor to watch the Superbowl. I imagine the commercials were funny, as always, but I couldn't tell because they refused to turn off the music in there so we could hear the TVs. OK, if it was a full bar I could understand why not, but we were one of the only tables in there!!
After that, we came home again, watched The Office, and went to bed. Oh, by the way, the El is an elevated subway sorta thing.

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