Thursday, February 19, 2009

Detroit Welcomes The Blues

Hello, my sincerest apologies for not having posted more recently. A lot has happened in the gap between this post and my last, so I'll try and fill you in.

On Monday, the day after my adventures pulling trap, I went to Detroit to see B.B. King and Buddy Guy in concert at the Fox theatre. It was an awesome concert, although B.B. did disappoint a little. However, Buddy Guy totally made up for any lacking. If you asked him his style he would say blues, but I'm pretty sure what I heard could be classified as rock. Seriously, at one point the back-up guitarist and he went into a 20 minute, Guitar Hero-style battle. He also jumped off the stage and, while still playing, walked through the crowd. It was pretty sweet. B.B. was pretty good, don't get me wrong, but he has really slowed down.

Before the concert, we went to eat at the Hard Rock cafe, because we're members of their little all-access club. It was pretty good, although there was way too much food. I got a new pin for my jacket at their gift shop, as seen to the right. I also got a pin that said "B.B. King" with a picture of Lucille beneath it. They're both on my sweet jacket, which happens to be the star of my next paragraph.

OK, so when I was getting dressed to go to the concert, I specifically made sure not to grab my pocket knife, because I knew they had metal detectors at the Fox. When I put my jacket on, though, did I think of that? No, of course not. my studded belt? Nope. I walked into the theatre, saw the doorways, and started laughing, along with my mom and her friend Joe. I went through them, and they started flashing, as expected. The dude operating them laughed too, and told me to go stand in a special roped-off area. My mom tried to follow me, under the defense that she was my mom, but the guy wouldn't let her. When the security guy with the wand walked up, he started to laugh too. He waved it over all of my pockets, with their big metal zippers, and set each one off. He had me hold my hands to my sides, and I felt vaguely like Spinal Tap's bassist, although I wasn't getting scanned for the same reason (I swear!). After he established I wasn't carrying any weapons, he let me go, after telling me, "That's a nice jacket, man. Don't stop wearing it just cause you're worried 'bout stuff like this." I told him I wouldn't.

Actually, other than Monday, my week has been rather event-less. I'll update next time something comes along, fear not.

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Diane said...

you should post a pic of this infamous jacket!

i know a couple other ppl who went to that show. bb is def getting ooooolllldddd! but it still sounds like it was a cool show!