Sunday, February 15, 2009

Working For A Living

So, today I spent a large chunk of my time working at the gun club. It's pretty cool work, but it gets really cold. Basically, for trap, it involves me marking the shooter's hits and misses, shouting, "Lost!" when they miss a shot, and shouting "Change," and reading scores every five rounds. For skeet, I follow the squads around and pull the proper birds for when they need them, marking their scores. I'm not really going to explain how each game is played, if you want to find out, Google them.
So, I saw some stuff I knew in theory proved today. Like, I knew that trappers were always total jerks, and skeet shooters are generally nice, but it is much more noticeable in reality. The trappers, it's really funny, will totally freak out if everything isn't perfect. Now, they're nice dudes off the field, but when they're out there, they are intolerable perfectionists. Skeet shooters can be rude too, but they are usually pretty nice guys.
The crappy thing is, no matter how rude they are, I have to be polite, because I'm getting paid to put up with their crap. They do usually tip pretty well, so it's not exactly an entirely bad gig. Also, I get paid more than I would working at McDonald's, so it's actually a good job to have, in this economy.
This whole time, I kept thinking, "Hey, us pullers are people too!" I wish I could shout that right back at rude peeps, to heck with social norms!

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