Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Is This Michigan, Or planet Hoth?

Yay for Star Wars quotes!! Anyway, it's incredibly snowy in my area, leading to some dangerous driving and navigation situations. I would know, I've already had to deal with them. And I don't even drive...

So, yesterday, I went to Ashley's house after school. Alix was there as well, and it was really fun. We just pretty much hung out, and played on the Internet. Well, Ashley's parents gave both Alix and I a ride home, and that was when I first learned of the terrible state of the roads. When we left school, it was still sunny out. Not anymore! It was a bit of a long trip, because her parents were intent on embarrassing Ash and I on the topic of our dating...well, no matter. We dropped Alix off, then headed over to my place. Well, when her dad pulled in my insanely twisty driveway, he veered off and drove onto the little grade right next to it. I hopped out and tried to help him push it out, but it was to no avail. All we did was drive it deeper in, and nearly hit the fence. Ashley and her mom came inside, and we ended up having to call the dude who plows our driveway, who fortunately lives nearby.

We sat around in my kitchen for a while, waiting for him to drive the .8 miles to our house. Finally, he got there and helped us shovel it out of the gigantic snowbank and put salt down for traction. After that, it was all good. Ashley got home, I got home, and our driveway got plowed. The dude with the snow plow even threw in a complimentary bag of salt!

Monday happened to be my Grandpa's birthday, and we were planning on going over to their nearby house to celebrate it. First, however, we had to brave the treacherous roads into town so we could pick up his gifts. It wasn't too horrible going in, because we were behind a plow most of the way. Unfortunately, the restaurant we were going to get him a gift certificate had closed 15 minutes before we got there. They were still inside, and could see us, but apparently rules are rules...

When we got to my grandparents house, we were greeted well after our four-day trip. As soon as the pleasantries were done, however, my grandma pointed to my coat and said, "what on Earth is that?" I am just a little used to that question when concerning clothes, going from a fedora hat to a bright blue shirt, clashing with my normal bland colors. I told her how I had gotten it, and the subject was dropped.
Pretty much, that was my day. Enjoy.

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