Wednesday, February 25, 2009

UBR (Unfocused Blogger Rambling)

Hey, I'm just chilling in my mom's classroom before I get my allergy shots. I feel that familiar urge to post on here, and I have the Internet at my disposal, so this is what you get.

First order of business: a question. I'm not sure what the commenter, C. Bowie Photography, was referring to when he said he was confused, so I'll answer a number of possible confusing things. If you were confused by my gratuitous use of the word "follow", then I'm afraid I can't help you out. If it was the whole question answer-thingy, I was answering something asked in a comment on my recent slideshow post about how I found someone's blog. Finally, if you were confused by the fact I am getting freaked out by the amount of music on my MP3, I don't know what to tell you. My Apologies. I hope these answers helped.

You know, I've been feeling bad lately that I haven't been posting as much as usual. Between reading webcomics, other blogs, and IMing friends, I haven't had a very open schedule. Plus, my Internet time has been reduced, so I have even less time to accomplish all other priorities. Talk about Mission: Impossible...

So, I got a bunch of sweet media stuff last night. I got 2 (yes, count it, 2) Killers CDs, the movies Clerks 2 and The Rocker. I went and saw The Rocker while it was in theatres, and I thought it was pretty good. Really, how could I not like it? It's the tale of a teen band that gets their big break. That's pretty much my dream. Crush Of Society is pretty much still none-existent. For those of you who are new to Boyd's World, by the way, that is my band. I'm the only member. Hurrah.

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Eve Noir said...

That must mean you got "Hot Fuss" and "Sams Town," right? Great music, I have to say I prefer Sams Town though. That was the 1st one I got & still my fave of theirs.

The Rocker was really funny. I'm glad they got their break. Maybe one day you & I will get our "breaks" in music too. My band is the Bloody Little Girls (and I am actually the only girl in it, ha). We're prob gonna change our name to Heartless though...once we get making another homemade CD.

Your band has a good name btw.
What do you play? I sing & do lyrics. Do you guys have a MySpace? If you're curious about our (warning: crazy!) sound, you can hear it at

Have a good night~