Friday, February 6, 2009

Poll Results

OK, it's time for the results of my poll. I don't normally post the results, but I sort of got the idea from someone else. My poll was a survey to see who has seen my favourite movies, and the results were impressive. Seven people voted on it, which is much more than any other poll I've had.
The number one film? The Goonies. Apparently, all seven of you have seen this film, which was my all-time favourite for a few years. Next up, there's a tie between The Dark Knight and Star Wars. I'm a bit disappointed that not everyone has seen Star Wars, because it is simply the greatest film ever. The Dark Knight was pretty darn good as well, with Heath Ledger performing one of the best supporting roles I have ever seen.
After that is Rocky Horror Picture Show, an awesome Halloween movie. I have the soundtrack on my MP3 player, as a matter of fact. This is followed by a tie, between The Breakfast Club and Ferris Beuller's Day Off. Both are really good movies, directed by John Hughes. Although they're both from the 80's, they're timeless.
After those two is Wayne's World, a film that will still make me laugh out loud continually, despite about a million viewings. Actually, it's what I named Boyd's World after. The last few, coming in with two votes, are Pink Floyd's The Wall and Hot Rod. I must admit, I used to be quite obsessed with The Wall, and I still sort of am. Hot Rod was in my DVD player continually for the entire summer, amusing me with it's parody stupidity. Coming up in last place is UHF, directed and starred in by Weird Al. It's another hilarious movie, with so many film references it's crazy. Watching it one time won't do, you need to see it multiple times to absorb the full effect. I have the soundtrack on tape, sitting around somewhere. Don't forget This Is Spinal Tap, also boasting one vote. Spinal Tap is just a hilarious movie, with a bunch of hilarious quotes and songs.
Well, there you have it. A poll completed. Check over by the sidebar, there might be another one there by the time you read this.

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