Thursday, January 22, 2009

One Of Those Funky Awards...

Thank you, Diane, for passing the Honest Scrap thingy on to me. I've no real idea what they are, but I'll take a stab at it anyway. Apparently, I have to write down ten honest things about myself. Well, it can't be that difficult!

1. I'm a Boy Scout. OK, I think you all know that, but I still feel it's somewhat important.

2. I hate talking to people on the phone. If it's the only method of communication available, I'll partake, but I'd really rather just E-mail someone or IM them.

3. I really enjoyed the Twilight series. It's obviously not geared towards me, but I still found it really good.

4. As far as computers go, I'm actually quite inexperienced. I've gotten better, but I still don't get some stuff, especially HTML.

5. I hate waking up in the mornings. 5:30 every weekday. If I was being interrogated, the sound of my alarm clock could probably be used to extract secrets I didn't even know I knew.

6. I'm a victim of the whole Axe scam. I use their products, and all that evil. I'm a teen dude, and those ads do voodoo magic on my brain.

7. I wear black socks. People seem surprised to find that out, for some reason.

8. Even though I'm 14, I still love to play with Legos. Call me a freak if you wish.

9. I'm left-handed. Curse the oppressive right handers, designing tools and stuff I can't use!

10. I don't get cable or satellite. It totally stinks. At our old house we did, but we traded for high-speed Internet. I would rather have this Internet capability, but it stinks to hear about shows I don't get over the air.

Wow, that was harder than it looked. Seriously, in between IMs and searching for my phone, it took me about 2 hours. Now, I get to choose 5 blogs to do this as well. My choices are:

I'd love to hear your ten truthful things. All of you were chosen for a reason, from curiosity to vague threats...


Diane said...

wondering why so many blogs have the word "random" in the title? what's up with you kids and this word "random"??!! my kids say it all the time too!

aaanyhow... i hate getting up in the morning too! #6 cracked me up! #9 every S.O. i've ever had has been left handed. wth? #7 black socks f-ing rule! #2 i also hate the phone. i'm a text-er. #1 my nephew just started cub scouts. he's super stoked!

did you like how i commented on those so randomly like that? :)

thanks for playing!

♥ashley said...

I knew like, all of those hehehe
ahh i am currently in the proscess of signing into blogger to attempt, this whole... honesty thing. hahahaha