Friday, January 30, 2009

Chicago, Day One

Wow. I have A ton of stuff to say about the windy city, and I've only been here for 12 hours. For room and time constraints, I'm going to have to leave out all meals, and recap them in a later post.

After we were picked up from the train station, ate lunch, and got to where we were staying, we went with my mom's friends to get dinner and go to the concert. We arrived pretty early, so they decided to take us to a few stores first. Specifically, used record and book stores. As soon as I heard that, I woke up from my slight doze and focused in on everything said, suddenly excited and energetic about getting where we were going. We got to the first store, and as soon as we walked in I knew I was going to lose a lot of money very quickly. A quick glance at the cassette tape rack confirmed these thoughts, as I noticed tons of tapes I would like to own. I walked over to the record display, and nearly fell over. Right there, at the very front of the rack, was an LP of the Boomtown Rats' first album. I grabbed it up, and was overjoyed by the price I read, only 5 dollars. I flipped through the selection frantically, discovering another Boomtown Rats album as I did. There were no other records I was interested in, but that was no matter.

I turned to the tape rack again, this time prepared to take in the full array. I walked away from it holding 5 nearly-new tapes, all of which I'd been wanting for some time. Well, really, I found 7 I wanted, but my mother made me put 2 back. Darn.

After we left there and ate, it was time to proceed to the Blue Man Group concert. How shall I sum that up? Really, I'm not sure if that's even possible. It was...incredible. Like a combination of Rock music and comedy, it made me laugh from the beginning to the end, with no pause. I actually got really close to a few of them, because I was lucky enough to have an aisle seat. My mom had a bit of an issue with the enormous amount of toilet-paper they used during the finale, but I'm sure they had to recycle it. I was somewhat glad I wasn't one of the "lucky" people chosen to go up on stage, but I'm also a bit disappointed. It looked, although humiliating and sometimes painful, really cool. My band teacher actually got to do the Twinkie bit when she went to see them in Las Vegas, and she got a bunch of free stuff.

Well, there you have my first day in Chicago. Expect updates.

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Coachdad said...

Need to eat pizza at Malnati's. The best in the world. My opinion.