Monday, January 26, 2009

A Day In The Life

Good morning, readers. I had fun at the dance, although it was somewhat lame. There were a bunch of little 6th and 7th graders there, sitting around awkwardly. Other than Ashley and Alix, no one I knew was really there. The D.J. was somewhat crappy, too. His first offense was playing You Shook Me (All Night Long) as a sound check. Then, he only played one slow song, st the very beginning. Really, if you want to get nit-picky, it wasn't even a slow song, but that's what the dude announced it as. Still, despite all things against it, I did have fun.
Tomorrow in 6th hour we're playing Guitar Hero, which is quite anticipated (at least by me). Technically, it's a free day in the gym as a sort of break from Exams, but those of us less than athletically inclined convinced the teacher to let us set up a TV in the corner of the gym. I can't wait to demonstrate my mad skills, the kind only obtained by spending most of my summer playing non-stop. Product of a wasted childhood? Probably. Really cool? Definitely.
I'm having a bit of a hard time finding books to read. I think the Twilight series ruined all other books for me, which stinks. After I finished them, I read a few Discworld books, then moved on to On The Road, which sat on my bookshelf for about half a year before I finally got around to finishing it. I checked out two Kurt Vonnegut books and Catcher In The Rye from the library, and wound up not reading either of the Vonnegut books. The other one was pretty good, but when I tried recommending it to a friend, I discovered our school library doesn't carry it. Figures, I suppose.
Is that the school bell I hear? Why, yes it is!

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Diane said...

cool they let you guys set up the guitar hero. i've always had a hard time convincing my older daughter's schools that not everyone enjoys playing sports.

i'd def take a guitar player over a football player any day!