Saturday, January 24, 2009

Bust A Move!

Good day, everyone. I'm sitting here, checking my E-mail and watching crappy children's programming, when I decided to post. I'm going into town in about half an hour, to return a stack of CDs to the library. Since I've gotten my new MP3 player, I've been going to the library and getting enormous stacks of CDs, to burn to my computer. Yes, it's illegal, but as far as crimes go, it's somewhat minor. Also, I have bought CDs I've checked out from the library in the past, just to get the liner notes.
At 7 tonight, I'm going to a dance with Ashley. I've heard they can be pretty lame, but I think the only reason they have been in the past is because I wasn't there. How can a party be any good if I'm not there? I think it will be cool. The only problem I have with dances is the music they play. I don't like rap and all that stuff at all. I can (kinda) dance to rock, but they don't play much. The point at which they play You Shook Me (All Night Long) is probably my most impressive dancing of the entire thing. Thankfully, I'm going there to have a good time, not impress other people.
So far, only two of the people I chose for the Honest Scrap thing did it...I'll be watching you all.


Diane said...

i knew it! youre a pirate!

Eve Noir said...

i have seen ALL those films on your checklist...the dark knight being my fave of the moment. rocky horror being the BEST musical ever, and breakfast club just being classic. ooo & goonies rules too. "goonies never say die!"
good idea...i just might have to "steal" it from ya...ha ha ha...:)