Monday, January 12, 2009

Death Has A Shadow, Pt. 2

Does anyone remember Death Has A Shadow? Probably not, since it was before anyone started following Boyd's World. Well, it occurred on the way to the gun range, where my grandpa blasted country music, which I'm not a fan of. Well, on the way Sunday, he did it again. This time, though, instead of slowly dying, I tried to figure out the best way to turn all the songs into rock. It was still painful, but at least I didn't nearly die. Once again, my grandma decided to play it as I was trying to work with her dial-up Internet on her crappy computer today.
Woe is the life of Drew, musically.

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Diane said...

Ugh, i very un-fondly remember "cleaning day" when i was growing up. as if it wasnt torture enough having to listen to my mom bitch and nag every fucking sunday afternoon, she just haaaaad to go and play her terrible country music. POWs have suffered less I'm sure.