Friday, January 16, 2009

Snow Day!!

Snow day! Actually, extreme cold day, but I don't feel like getting too technical. I woke up to my alarm, looked at it, and thought to myself, "If it's not a snow day, my mom can come in and wake me up." Turns out, my gamble paid off. Also, my mom teaches at my school, so she gets the phone call when there is no school. As a matter of fact, I almost had her as a teacher this year, but I transferred out of the class. Not that I didn't want to be in her class, but I figured I would be a total jerk the whole hour. Even now, I come into her classroom between hours and steal candy.
So...later today, I'm going to see Grand Turino. I don't think I've ever seen a real Clint Eastwood movie, so I'm kind of looking forward to it. Well, I saw the end of Million Dollar Baby, but I really just wasn't a fan of the movie. Actually, if I don't get my room cleaned, I won't be going, but I think I can post this to my blog, IM, and then get it cleaned. Was that a run-on? Too bad. I think I focus enough on grammar and stuff that it doesn't really matter if I make the occasional mistake.
Guess what? Last night, I went to a school board meeting with my mom because we had helped implement recycling at the school, and I saw my old elementary teacher there. When we walked by, she said hi to my mom, but not to me. I was a little upset, because I was in the office all the time (for good stuff, usually) and she didn't say hi. I already had my suspicions she didn't know who I was, because a few months ago she walked into my Health class, and recognized a kid who left my elementary in 3rd grade. Well, I was determined to figure out if she knew who I was.
During the meeting, she mentioned a thing at the elementary that required volunteers. I need service hours for a requirement in Boy Scouts anyway, so after the meeting I came up to her and asked if I could help out. During the little conversation we had, it became quite obvious she had no clue who I was. Now, I don't exactly blame her, since I practically had a buzz cut when I left 5th grade, and was a lot heavier. Now, I have shoulder-length curly black hair, and although I've technically gained weight, I've also gotten about 10 inches taller, which really slims a person out. I suppose I'll have to mention my name at some point next week during the thing, so she will have some clue who I am.
Well, I've blabbered on for about 45 minutes now, and if I'm gonna make the movie, I need to get some cleaning done...

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Diane said...

did you get your room clean?
if so, how was the movie?