Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mindless Writing

Hello, everyone. Yesterday's post seemed a little insignificant, so I think I'll post again today. I'm afraid to say, I haven't exactly been following that book I got too well...apparently, the first step to changing your life is learning how to do one simple task every day. I think I'll try and do a day occasionally, but it seems like a bit of a hard concept. Tomorrow's is the "write a letter to a famous serial killer" day, and I think I'll do that. No, I still haven't decided who. The book actually has a list of them in there, and their mailing addresses (in prison, obviously) so I think it will be one of them. I wonder how much the mail to them has gone up since this book was published? Better yet, do they enjoy getting the mail, or does it upset them? Well, I'm typing mine, with no name or return address, so it doesn't really matter if they like it or not.

I hate those days when you can't type at all. I've been using only the laptop for the last 2 weeks, and now that I'm back to an actual keyboard, the difficulty presented by habit is becoming apparent. Also, sitting on the floor cross-legged while working on the laptop is difficult.
OK, well, this post has gone on long enough. Peeps are online, and they want to talk to me...why keep them waiting?

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Diane said...

I'd love to hear who you choose and even maybe post your letter...?

I hear ya on the keyboard thing. When I use my mom's computer I go totally nuts cuz she has one of those ergonomic ones, that are like split in half and curved. weird.