Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Ashley at mehh blog. it's kewl. ;] tagged me for a survey yesterday. Not being one to disappoint Boyd's World readers, here it is:

•Think back to yesterday; what were you doing around this time?

Probably reading blogs, and IMing friends.

•Was the last time you went to the doctor's an unpleasant experience?

It was today, and although they stuck (3) needles in my arms, it wasn't too horrible. I go every week, because I need my allergy shots.

•Who is your favorite person on the radio?

Umm, the people who play THE MUSIC!

•Do you have a pop-up blocker?

The one that comes with Mozilla.

•Did you enjoy the last thing you ate, and what was it?

It was some decent tortilla chippage.

•How's your hair at the moment?

flat, because I've been wearing my new hat since school got out.

•Who was the last person to insult you and what did they say?

John, screaming, "Impeach the Class President!" It's not my fault I punched him (and embarrassed him) in front of the entire class. He was asking for it!

•Look at your planner for March 14th; what are you doing?

Who knows, that's in a year.

•Do you think marriage is only meant for a man and a woman?

Nope, not at all.

•What is your display name on Yahoo! Answers?

I have no clue, I think I've used it once...

•Why don't you tell us your password, for anything?

Sure! It's **********!

•Where did you take your profile pic?

In my basement, at my party a few weeks ago.

•Would you ever move to Canada?


•Do you have nicknames for your friends? If so, what are some of them?

Some friends, but not many. I call Will "Willy" to irritate him, and I call Ashley "Ash" when I am to lazy to pronounce more than one syllable.

•Have you ever made up a song about a teacher?

That doesn't really make sense, and no.

•Are you allowed to swear in front of your parents?

Everything except for f**k.

•Have you ever had a black and white cat?

sadly, I've never had a cat.

Now, I get to tag people. I tag:


I'd like to say I did that so everyone would be encouraged to blog more, but really I just don't feel like spending 15 minutes extra getting everyones' hyperlinks. I apologize, but I think all of you should do it. Just make sure to wait until it's a day I don't have any homework, so I'll have time to read it in the morning.


Eve Noir said...

Sent your package today. Be expecting it soon.
Take care.~

Anonymous said...

How are we supposed to know if it's a day you don't have homework? Should we wait until school is out? Should we do it on the weekend? Or should you just read your blogs during the large amount of time you're online every night?? Hmmmmm???