Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Birthday Weekend

Hello, dear readers. I've been needing to post for a while, but life is pretty packed full. Quizbowl, work, school, all that stuff. However, I do need to post a bit about my weekend. You see, on Saturday I had a band concert, and Sunday was my birthday.

Let's get to the concert, first. It was our school's annual "collage" concert, which I believe I've posted about before. The concert itself went pretty good, except it was really long. I personally blame the choir. Not to be mean, but they really suck. OK, rant time: how are you supposed to hear them when the microphones are actually tilted away from them, the backing tracks are too loud, the piano playing is REALLY obnoxious sounding, and half the songs are in another language? I feel bad for them, that they have to put up with that. The choir teacher is not favorite among band students, for pretty much the reasons I listed above. The concert is to show off how good the students are, not how well you can drown them out with your piano playing.

Sorry about that. We may come back to it later.

I had a solo, a quartet, and a duet, as well as one solo during the entire band arrangements. I totally nailed my personal solo, which was the song "Chariots of Fire". I was worried third trumpet was going to start pretending to slow run in his chair like he had every other time I played it, but lucky for me he was out of it on pain killers due to a track injury. I messed up a few times during my quartet, but because I wasn't the only person playing it wasn't too noticeable. My in-arrangement solo was way messed up because I couldn't get the right pitches, but apparently it sounded OK. I played really quietly and it seemed to work out just fine. I also nailed my duet, which was "The Victors" a.k.a. the Michigan Fight Song. I was worried state fans were going to boo, but they remained uncharacteristically quiet at the end.

My birthday went well too. Sunday started out pretty much like any day, with us going into town to buy the stuff necessary for the preparation of my birthday dinner. I was made fun of by my family for my food choice this year, but hey, it's MY birthday. We had corned-beef hash, cheesy potatoes, and Swiss meatballs. I thought it was pretty good myself, but that's probably just because I'm a freak. For dessert we had one of those Dairy Queen ice-cream cakes, which was really tasty.

I'm sure this description of the food has been boring. You want to hear about what I got, don't you? OK, I'll oblige. My mom got me my bass guitar and amp 2 weeks ago, which I already told you about. My grandparents helped this out, with a gig bag and a few lessons. My uncle and aunt pooled and got me a tennis racket, because I'm planning on joining the school team next fall. Our friend Joe got me a sweet Jimi Hendrix shirt, that is purple and says "Purple Haze". My grandma is also making me an old-school shooting hat, but I probably would have gotten that anyways.

Of course, there was also my grandpa's gift to me. My grandma handed to me first, and insisted I opened it because she had no idea what was in there either. My grandpa was laughing uproariously the whole time, and my mom was teasing my grandma by saying, "I know what it is". I shook the box it was in, and it rattled a lot. Hmm. I pulled the paper off, and checked inside. There were five empty shotgun shells, which were the rattling parts, and a box from the jewelers. I ignored the shells, because I've gotten used to him putting stuff like that in boxes to throw off what it really is, but I was wondering what on earth was in the box. A watch? I honestly had no idea. I opened it, and inside sat a twinkling diamond earring. I busted out laughing, and showed everyone. My grandma had no idea my ear was pierced, and I don't think my aunt knew either.

Overall, a pretty good weekend. Wouldn't you agree?


Diane said...

sounds great actually!

you got bday *bling*!

Diane said...

what did ashley get you?
i'm being nosey...