Sunday, May 31, 2009

Musical Monday

Does anyone remember the time I said, "I'm not going to participate in Musical Monday until it's my own work"? No? Well, I remember saying it. You've waited a while, but today is the day. I had to play my bass guitar for a mock-interview at school, and had a friend film it. It's a horrible performance, possibly due to nerves, so please excuse me.

I know, I messed up the song Money pretty bad. After the first riff, I couldn't seem to find the bottom string with my pick. Also, I messed up the second part of it by totally forgetting how to do it. Notice, however, that I did not stop playing. That, at least, is pretty good.

The dude who walks in at the end of the video is my school principal, Mr. Haynes. Apparently my playing was so loud it could be heard at the end of the hall. He said, "Were you just playing Cream?" He must be a fan.

I played again for the teacher's 4th hour class, because of some little joke they have going. I guess whenever a person did an interview as a musician or singer, this one kid shouted, "Play Smoke On The Water!!" No one had, so the teacher felt I should. I then played the rest of my "set" for them, including a non-horrible version of Money.

One last thing - If you look closely at my leg, you'll see I'm wearing the skull bandanna I received with that cool prize pack. Thanks again, Eve! My teacher commented how I really pulled off the "rocker" look. I dressed the way I normally do, and it seemed to work.


Diane said...

Whooo hooooooooo! nice!!! glad to finally hear you play!

of course you know i love the sex pistols so that was cool! and of course the violent femmes! of course! lol

look forward to hearing/seeing more in the future!

Ashley said...

aha I love this :)
i watched it like six times haha
then i made my parents watch it

Unknown said...

youve improved!
now we just need to get a vid up of the band when you get the set.

*Tenley said...

This is awesome! And it has also reminded me I need to tune Ringo, my acoustic.