Monday, May 18, 2009

Shooting Competition

Yesterday, as anyone who is friends with me on Facebook or MySpace probably already know, I went to a little shooting thing. It was about an hour away from where I live, at a club that seems to be suffering in both the membership and equipment departments. I went to it last year, and had a lot of fun, but I wasn't exactly looking forward to it this year. No reason, just a case of the "I don't wanna".

However, it turned out to be a lot of fun. It was exclusively muzzleloader, and only with caplock and flintlock guns. There were a bunch of competitions, and we shot in all but two. Last year when we went there were a ton of people shooting, but this year there were only 13 (at the peak). This was because a guy who's been a member since the beginning was having his 50th anniversary party that day. I enjoyed it with fewer shooters, because that meant fewer introductions to people who seem to know me but I don't know. I get tired of hearing, "My, last time I saw you, you were only this big!" It gets tiring.

The first couple of competitions were just regular shooting, and I did pretty good. I used my own gun, which probably helped, and the targets were easy. After that, we had lunch, and i figured that would help me because I was literally shaking with hunger. It might have helped my shakiness, but I still did pretty horrible. WE went and shot a caplock pistol, which was deceptively difficult. It seems all easy when other people do it, but I didn't hit the target any of the five times I shot. That definitely brought my scores down a bit. After that, we shot a flintlock smoothbore, which was just horrible. I took forever to get all five shots into the target. I'm going to blame that on the equipment, because my patch knife was dull and the roundballs were too small for the gun. Eventually though, after nearly cutting myself on the flint a few times, I got the entire thing shot. WE brought the stuff for throwing knives and tomahawks, but I took so long they were pulling down the targets and adding up the scores by the time we were ready.

I got a cool mug thing with "1776" in this sweet script across the front of it, as I was the only kid there. I also got bundle of rope, of which purpose I am as yet unaware of. After that, this one dude who spent half the time napping on the ground (seriously) pulled out an acoustic guitar and started playing some weird country ballad. It was really, really odd.
however, all in all, it was pretty cool.

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