Monday, May 25, 2009

My Week In Paragraphs

Hmm, what to post about? I have a bunch of topics, but I can't choose which to post about. I know! I'll do all of them!

On Tuesday, we had the most important Quiz Bowl thing of the year. It's called the Tournament of Champions, and is unlike other matches because it is all solo. You are chosen to do different categories (math, science current events, etc.) based on test scores you submit a few weeks before. They have trophies for each one, as well as a medal for the top ten places in the quiz bee (more on that in a sec) and a scholarship for the person who gets the most collective points. I had planned on beating the record set by this one cool dude named Matt last year, 8 trophies (and the scholarship). I didn't, but I did get first place in the general 8th grade match and sixth in the quiz bee.

The quiz bee is this thing for everyone to participate in, and is set up with a two strikes you're out system. They go in a big circle, asking progressively more difficult questions. Each question goes to up to three people before it is thrown out. It's really fun, but takes FOREVER. In sixth grade I took third place, which is pretty good. I got a trophy, which was cool.

The second cool event I wanted to blog about was a party I went to on Friday. It was at this one dude's house I'd never been to before, and sounded fun. IT WAS! I think most of my fun was contributed to by the fact I had about three Mountain Dews, and was totally hyper. I seriously haven't had that much fun at a party since my friends the Eisenharts moved. We played some GH (turns out singing on that is tough), sat around a fire for a while, and then chilled in his basement. It was fun, all in all.

Finally, yesterday I went to a Detroit Tiger's game. It was very cool, even though they lost. I got a sunburn, though, because it was REALLY sunny out. We were in the nosebleeds, but I didn't care, because when you are you don't have to pay as much attention to the actual game. I envied those just a little further away, under the shade of the awnings that are at the very top of the stadium. I also had a VERY delicious breakfast before the game. It was an omelet, with bacon mixed in and tons of cheese all over it. YUM!!!

Basically, I've had a very fun week. I would have blogged about it all sooner, but well, I was busy having the fun. My apologies for that.

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Eve Noir said...

YES apologize for having FUN, j/k! ^_^

You forgot something though. That YOU won my giveaway! ;}

Take care and have a good week.