Thursday, May 28, 2009

Prize Pack!!

Yay! I got my prize pack from Eve @ Through Eve's Looking-Glass today! For those of you who don't know, a few weeks ago I guessed the number 42 on a contest to see how many buttons there were in a box. I wasn't even aware what the prize was, I just like to guess The Answer (look in my archives if you don't know what I'm talking about). Turns out I was only 3 off, so I won. The prize pack was as follows - Eve was kind enough to throw in some guy stuff for me, and I plan on giving the rest to Ashley and a few other peeps.
  • A Pixies CD - I've been wanting to look them up for a while, but they don't have any CDs at the library
  • Two packs of HT mints
  • A bunch of sweet buttons and pins
  • A pen that changes sayings when you click it
  • Two bandanas - the pink one shown, and one covered in multi-colored skulls that I had tied around my leg at the time of the photo-taking
  • A lanyard
  • A lunchbox full of stickers and nail-thingys
  • A compact mirror
  • Chapstick - lime flavored!
  • A HT baggy
  • A music download thing
  • A CD with a bunch of the songs she's featured on her blog, with a list
Plus, a very nice written letter! I was really glad when I saw it in the mailbox. Actually, I thought it was the CD I ordered A MONTH AGO, but then I realized it was due to come any day. The mail person stuffed it in the mailbox sideways, despite the multiple arrows pointing "UP" drawn on the side. Darn mail people always do that to stuff, matter.

I let my mom scavange through the girly stuff, and she took the stickers, box, pen and chapstick. I'll give the rest to Ashley, 'cept for the pink bandana - one of my friends dyed her hair pink recently, and I think it will match.

Thanks a ton, Eve, for this awesome prize pack! I totally love it! Although, with the CDs, you're contributing to my juvenial delinquicy - I'm even more of a pirate, now! Haha, I'm kidding. Three cheers for prizes won with 42!


Diane said...

42 really is your # huh?

whoo hoo for ashley! lol

you'll love the pixies!

Anonymous said...

I thought you said you didn't say scavenge. You said you didn't know how to spell it (btw - you spelled it wrong...don't you spellcheck??) Geez.
Eve - that was a VERY cool prize for Boyd - he loved it & I gotta admit - I did scavenge. The music is fun, too! Thanks!
your word verification is deduc. Is that /de(long e)duck/ or the short e sound? Whatta think?

Eve Noir said...

Yay, that it arrived! (Yeah those darn mail peeps can't seem to read a simple arrow, duh!??'s ok just as long as everything is OK!)

So glad you liked everything. And of course I don't mind that you shared your stuff, I knew it was mainly for Ashley anyways! :)

Hope you like the Pixies (and other music too). Sorry if they fudge up, I've been having issues w/'em-ugh. Yay, I'm your pirate distributor!!! No, if you do end up liking 'em, I'd suggest their other 3 CD's, which you can buy legally. ^_^

Take care & happy weekend!

Like your Mom said: My word verification was BANGU,

Eve Noir said...

BTW: On your survey, why didn't you put BLOGGER as an option? Curious...

So ya know, I chose OTHER cuz my fave is BLOGGER, but of course!

Word verification...not so weird this time!