Saturday, May 9, 2009

Second 5K

Today has been pretty eventful, I have to say. I haven't gotten enough sleep yet, despite my 2 hour nap this afternoon.

It started out with me being woken up at about 6:30, to run a 5K. Seriously. I'm not even ready to be awake at that time of the morning, let alone run a freakin' 3.2 mile race! My mom also wanted to show up early, so she could verify some problems with our bib numbers. We got there an hour before it started, and got to stand around and look dumb most of that time. There were a few of my old Elementary teachers there, but most of them didn't recognize me. Well, not at first, until they saw my mom. Not shocking, considering my hair is down to my shoulders now, and I'm about a foot and a half taller than I was then. We also saw the son of one of the guys I shoot with, and spoke to him for a while.

Finally, the race started. It was a bit more accurate than the Lansing one, because they gave us little sensors that activated when we crossed the lines, not when the actual race started. My goal was 30 minutes, and it was a tough one. It didn't help that, practically as soon as I crossed the starting line, the rain they had been predicting started down. Soon, it felt like there was hail coming down. I didn't have to stop to get water, I just held my mouth open and tilted my head upward. As soon as I crossed the finish line, the sun came out. It looked, and felt, like I had jumped into a swimming pool with all my clothes on. It was horribly wet.

I ALMOST didn't make my goal, either. The first mile went by really fast, but after that, it dragged on. I thought I was going to run off into the grass and puke towards the end of it. I blame the fact my clothing was about 2 pounds heavier than usual because of water. I ran the whole way, though, and finally made it to the finish line. The giant digital display read: 30:02. I cursed silently, because if I had said any of it aloud, people's ears would fall off. Then I remembered the chip thingy they used, and that I had a late start. *phew* My final time was 29:34. I beat my goal, and with 26 seconds to spare!!!

It was a fun race, but I wouldn't advise running to those who consider themselves sane. It's not a sane thing to do, torturing yourself for no apparent reason. I'm still waiting on the 6 pack and zero body fat, but it hasn't occurred yet. I have kind of lost my chipmunk cheeks, which greatly pleases me. When people see Jim Morrison as my default on sites occasionally, they sometimes say, "that's not you" with a hint of doubt, or ask me when the picture was taken.

Seriously, someone save me from the insanity that causes me to want to do this. It's fun, and that's concerning. I shouldn't have fun while torturing myself.


Diane said...

yea. that's insane dude. but congrats! that's quite a feat!

Diane said...

hows the guitar playing going, btw?

CHASE said...

Running races in the rain is so fun!! Especially if there's a lot of mud! Glad to hear you hit your goal time!